Guide to Event Tickets and What Are They Needed For?

The purpose of an event ticket is to help provide patrons with information about the event they are attending. There are different event tickets, including paper and e-tickets (electronic).

Which type you use for your events will depend on several factors, including having money to invest in the equipment or event ticketing software needed to produce them, what percentage of patrons prefer one type over another, etc.

Paper tickets are usually less expensive than e-tickets, but attendees take more time to print out their tickets. E-tickets offer real-time data collection, which you can use to decide your future events.

Guide to Event Tickets and What Are They Needed For

For example, if guests who buy e-tickets for certain activities spend more than those who buy paper tickets, you might want to switch to e-tickets for all activities.

What is an Event Ticket?

An ‘event ticket’ or ‘admission ticket’ is the paper you need to show when attending a specific event. This usually includes the date, time, and venue of where you will attend.

It can be in any form, but the most common are cards with barcodes printed on them to be scanned by a machine, printed on paper with a pre-scanned QR Code, or just plain text with all the information above. This is usually done for security purposes so that you have to present that specific paper before entering inside.

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What Are They Needed For?

Tickets are required in almost every kind of event today, whether small-scale, like birthday parties or large-scale concerts and conventions. The specific reason it is needed varies on its purpose or who will be attending.

For example, if you are going to a concert of your favorite group, then the ticket is proof that you have purchased a right to watch their live performance. While in some kinds of events, they only give out tickets to identify registrations so attendees can pick up their name cards or other stuff once they arrive at the location.

Multiple Uses

Aside from being used as proof of registration, event organizers also use this for raffle purposes if there comes a lucky draw in their event, so you cannot just take off your shirt containing the ticket for someone else to register themselves in chance.

Once inside the event, it can also be used for freebies since they usually hand out coupons, promo items, and even food vouchers.

Information Provided by Event Tickets

Since this is just an ordinary paper that can be printed through printers or at a convenience store, it won’t pose any risk if it falls into the wrong hands. Expect that there will not be much personal information on it aside from the ones printed on its surface, like name, date, time, and location of where you will attend.

If you want more detailed info about it, the only one above should suffices (unless your ticket contains other essential information like passport number, social security number, or other confidential data).

Even if there was no guest list prepared for checking in entry tickets, it doesn’t automatically mean that it is a free-for-all since you will still have to register for someone else to enter. Make sure that you always watch your tickets just in case somebody tries to steal them from you.

Ticket Designs

The printed ticket type might vary depending on the event, but this usually contains a simple design with a pre-scanned QR Code or plain text containing all the information stated above. These kinds are free, and anyone can print it out at home, making it easy for organizers.

Other designs can also include an artistic drawing instead of barcodes, though these aren’t as common as cards or papers with numbers printed on them. You can even add your company’s logo to it if you want to make it look different from your usual paper.

Printing Them Out at Home

So, how do make event tickets? If you can’t afford to buy a ticket printer or arrange for tickets to be printed in shops, then feel free to use any printers around, depending on the type of ticket they usually print both numbers and letters so there shouldn’t be any problem if you are only printing out strings of numbers.

You can also ask your neighbors to help with this since most of them already know how to use printers. If all else fails, head over to convenience stores near your area.

Some of these stores now have their own self-service ticket printout machine that accepts coins for their services. Ticket printers may cost around $20-$40, but it’s a small price to pay if you don’t want to bother others in printing your tickets.

Benefits of an Event Ticket

Security: For the organizer to ensure that all ticket holders are accounted for. This is important at concerts and plays where admittance must be controlled due to limited space in the location. There needs to be a method of recording who has entered, or else there might be problems with overcrowding which lead to safety concerns.

Tracking: Allows organizers to track ticket sales and monitor inventory levels.

Validation: Ensures authenticity giving it more credence.

Convenience: It saves both time and money compared to the alternative.

Authenticity: Prevents counterfeiting.

Flexibility/Reduction in Fraud: It is relatively easy to alter an electronic ticket. For example, one can change the name on an e-ticket, making it possible for someone who originally bought the ticket to attend.

Collectability: Ticket designs are often creative and exciting, making them desirable collectors’ items.

Conveyance of Information: Text, logos, graphics, barcodes, etc.

Personalization/Customization: Allows individualizing of tickets via color or design.

Marketing Tool: Organisers use tickets as part of promotional campaigns. They are distributed free to increase awareness of live events in a specific area.

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While event tickets serve an essential function in helping us enjoy live entertainment, they also have many benefits to those producing and promoting such events.

Since the advent of the internet, we now have a world of information at our fingertips and instant access to anybody or anything we want. We can communicate via simple text messages with our closest friends, but we can also share updates on our lives through video streaming, photos, and status updates.

One thing hasn’t changed, though – you still need an event ticket before entering most public entertainment venues such as concerts or sporting events.

Event tickets are not that hard to make, especially if you already know how printers work and have access to their functions. Even school children can do this, so why should you be different? Once you get the hang of it, come up with more designs for your future events and become successful in making them happen.

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