6 Tips For Bloggers Who Want To Grow Their Online Following

Through blogs, you have a chance to express yourself, make a difference, and share your interests and the things you love. They are also a great way to make connections, grow your network, and gain exposure. 

Though, to get the most out of your blog, you need to be able to grow your blog and market it.

6 Tips For Bloggers Who Want To Grow Their Online Following

Fortunately, we are here to share 6 awesome tips for bloggers who want to grow their online following. 

Build a Team

One of the most common mistakes that bloggers do is that they seek content from a vast community of low-wage, temporary contributors. Generally, these contributors won’t care about how your blog is performing. They are not committed to you nor to the growth of your blog.

This lack of dedication or commitment will force you to oversee every single aspect of the whole content creation process yourself. Keeping an eye on each detail can distract you from looking after the big picture and pursuing growth. 

By hiring an actual team that you build a relationship with, your blog can really benefit. When you invest in your team and share with them different strategies, plans, and goals that you have for the blog, they will develop a sense of loyalty to the blog.

High-quality posts will be produced, and you will not have to worry about sloppiness or delays due to the fact that they will be committed and devoted to the blog and its performance. Great content and consistency are both requisites for attracting a larger following.

Investing in a team that you can rely on will relieve you of many pressures and will grant you the time to focus on other aspects of the blog. 

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Attractive Headlines

Without great and attractive headlines, you will not attract any audience. No one wants to read boring content. Even if your content is informative, you still need to show through the headlines that you know what you are talking about and that you are the real deal.

Intriguing headlines will get the readers hooked and eager to know what this headline is all about. Though, you need to keep in mind that the headlines are not enough. Sure it is a way to attract the readers in the first place, but the content is what will make them stay.

Long and Comprehensive Posts

Commonly, people think that it’s better to keep the blogs short so that it won’t bore the readers. However, statistically speaking, the longer the posts, the more shareable they are. Besides the social shares, longer blogs will give you an opening to more SEO opportunities, further increasing your visibility.

Among shorter blog posts, your content will stand out. In addition, more words provide your posts with the opportunity to remain evergreen because they are typically good for backlinks. Longer posts also mean that you have more to say on the topic than other people.

It says that you did the proper research and that you are able to provide full insight on the subject. After reading your posts, readers won’t feel the need to search other sources for more information, making you the go-to blog. 


To be discovered, you need to actively fight for people’s attention. A lot of people create content that is worth the attention but not everyone is willing to work hard enough to earn it. You need to utilize different means, depending on their relevance to your content, to build a relationship with the readers, and to attract a new audience.

Speaking at conferences, offering online classes, or using mailing lists are just a few examples of the things that you can do. To know what the right fit is for your blog, you need to track your audience’s insights and appear where they spend most of their time. 

Mailing Lists

Mailing lists can help you easily directly reach out to people and notify them about your blog. They make sure that your audience knows about your blog, rather than waiting for them to discover it on their own or through other means.

Mailing lists can drive traffic to your blog and help you monetize it.

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The best way to establish credibility and trust is by staying consistent. Working on a schedule that you are sure you can maintain, will reveal to your audience that you are reliable. When they are aware of your posting schedule, they will anticipate new content and will be keen to check it out.

Creating a blog has many rewards; but unfortunately, it is hard to set yourself apart from other blogs in such a saturated market. This can make it hard for you to grow your blog and attract a larger following. By following the 6 easy tips that our article discussed, you will be able to grow your online following. 

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