ASINspector – Amazon Product Research Tool Review

ASINspector is the SEO research tool that has chrome extension for the e-commerce management. This helps in the product processing and keyword research for such sites. Results can guide you about the best products that will bring you maximum sales. This places your seller’s information to create a simple table that is simple to analyze and follow.

ASINspector Review

Why to Choose ASINspector?

Now, when you’re looking for the keyword research tool, it’s evident you want one that’s worth every money. ASINspector doesn’t disappoint you over here. This has suite of some unique features. This makes it to stand apart in its competitive market. The features are very user-friendly as well as help you to save money and time. The prominent features go a long way while it comes about e-commerce. The targeted traffic includes discovery, revenue estimator, filtering, brainstorming, or other category tools. With help of above tools, you will find some top keywords related to this search. You will get accurate picture on the most demanding keywords when it comes about product search.

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Things You Can Do With ASINspector

There’re many columns than “Price and Rank History”, let us focus on these as that’s going to come on the main screen.

By using ASINspector software, you can:

  • Find Niche products easily and quickly
  • Estimated Monthly Revenue
  • Works in the multiple countries
  • Know about your competition in volume wise
  • Categories & Nodes where your product will come up!
  • Find product at other sources or compare like Alibaba, eBay, Target, Walmart, Etc
  • Simple to use with screen size!
  • Graph with the history pricing!
  • Use tool from AMZ category page, product page or seller page
  • Extract data to Excel or CSV, and no limit to amount you will extract!
  • Allows you alter the costing to see how numbers get changed on various scenarios!

ASINspector Features

Works in Many Countries

ASINSpector software works in many countries like US, Europe, Canada, Asia and Australia. It gives e-commerce businesses and entrepreneurs opportunity to get successful in the respective industries.

• Estimated Revenue

As ASINSpector tool gives data on the Estimated Sales & Revenue. You can get updated with the relevant changes. You can adjust the decisions based on your success rate of the particular product.

• Compare Products on Various Websites

Best feature of the ASINSpector is to allow you compare the rates on all the e-commerce websites. This works on Ebay, Amazon, Walmart, Target, AliExpress, Alibaba, and others. Knowing cheapest cost you will get products that can help you to save money and time.

• Get to know about your Competitors

You may have unlimited access of important information that your competitors will not have. Thus, you can gain upper hand just by knowing which products sell or one that don’t.

• Extract your data to CSV and Excel

ASINSpector allows the users to have convenience of extracting the data in CSV and Excel. You will not need to input any data manually. And it will automatically transfer this for you.

• Different Categories

That depends on which factors you would like to focus on and you may rely on ASINSpector tool to give you right information. This has various categories like Rank, Brands, Estimated Revenue, Estimated Sales, Rating, Number of Reviews, and cost.

• Find the Niche Products Proficiently

ASINSpector gives you relevant information to make sure your business success. You may easily compute or check whether some product is worth investing. With help of the reliable statistics, you can adjust the products accordingly.

ASINspector Pricing

ASINspector has just one payment plan that needs customer to pay upfront $97 and after that pay $10 monthly. The only disadvantage is that accuracy of this data can’t be verified. Sometimes the application might pick price that supplier have slashed that in many cases doesn’t happen.

ASINspector Pricing Details


  • Work neatly
  • Saves your time
  • Saves data automatically when your search takes a lot of time


  • Causes inconvenience sometimes
  • Doesn’t allow to open any new tab in the new window


To compete adequately in the online marketplace, getting the product research is the basic requirement each merchant must use. ASINspector is recommended for people who don’t use their product each month. Considering all the features, one will find the best way to make the right choice of product to buy for the product usage.

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