NFT Terms You Should Know

NFT Terms You Should Know

If you’re looking to get into collectibles trading, you will run into a few acronyms and unique terms that may be foreign to you. This can make it challenging to understand the terms and concepts being used, and it is hard to get started on a hobby full of insider jargon.

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Where to Start When Developing a Custom Application?

Where to Start When Developing a Custom Application

So, you have been struck by an ingenious app idea in the middle of the night, as many of us do, and want to begin building it. The first, most difficult part of the process of having the application idea is perhaps the hardest, but you should certainly identify the need before you begin even thinking about developing it. Does it solve a problem that people regularly search for on Google, for example?

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How to Test Proxy Servers?

How to Test Proxy Servers

So, you’ve decided to use a proxy to hide your online identity for whatever purpose. We assume that you’ve already done your research and realized which type of proxy you need. But, with so many proxy providers out there offering hundreds of millions of proxies of all types, it’s easy to end up with the wrong one, especially if you use free proxies.

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