It’s Business Time: How The Principles Of High-Quality SEO Can Actually Help You Find The Perfect Partner!

High-quality SEO is not so dissimilar to finding the perfect life partner. After all, what is the purpose of SEO? To attract as many relevant, ‘ready to spend’ leads to your website as possible and ultimately convert them into business.

In this article, we’re going to talk about the principles of proper SEO and how it can help you find your soulmate.


What are the principles of high-quality SEO?

First, let’s take a look at some of the principles of high-quality SEO:

  • Flawless technical SEO: technical SEO refers to the many website and server optimizations that need to be made in order to make your website easier to crawl and index by Google. Not only that, but it has an emphasis on improving the overall health and performance of your website as well.
  • In-depth keyword research: proper keyword research is required to understand what it is exactly that your audience is typing into Google when actively searching for the products or services that you offer. When you understand the intent behind the various searches, you can position your website and content accordingly. Gather as much data as you can and leverage it to your advantage.
  • Know your audience: of course, no amount of SEO will work if you have no idea who your audience is or what makes them tick. When you better understand your perfect customer, you will have a much easier time of converting them into loyal paying customers when they do arrive on your website.
  • Proper onsite optimization: onsite optimization is all about carefully placing your focus keywords in your titles, content, and metas in order to let both Google and your website visitors know exactly who you are and what you are all about.
  • Create an awesome UX: it’s all very well attracting lots of traffic if your website isn’t up to par. Creating an awesome user experience is crucial to ensure that as many of those clicks convert into customers as possible. This includes having an intuitive internal linking structure and optimising for a fast page load speed.
  • Quality content development (with an emphasis on ‘people-first’): content development is arguably the most critical aspect of SEO and Google is looking for businesses and websites that actively create high-value content that was written with their ‘people-first’ algorithm update in mind. Ultimately, Google’s job is to hook their users up with the most relevant website based on their search criteria, and the more authoritative your content in relation to those keywords, the more likely you will be to rank well.
  • Build a healthy backlink profile: backlinks are another crucial aspect of quality SEO and if you wish to rank well you essentially need other relevant and reputable websites to “vote” for your authenticity and authority.

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How to use these SEO principles in love and life?

So, how do all of the above points apply to real life and finding love? Surely it’s all pie in the sky, right? Indulge us for a moment:

  • Work on yourself (technical SEO): If you want to attract your perfect partner you need to be the best version of yourself that you can possibly be. So, clean up that diet, get some exercise in, work on your career, develop your personal relationships, and do all that you can to create a happier and more stable life for yourself. This is certainly far easier said than done, but you can start by having an honest conversation with yourself about the areas of your life that need improvement and tackle one thing at a time.
  • Understand what people want in a partner (keyword research): next, you should really think about what it is that people are looking for in a partner. How else will you be able to fulfil a certain role if you have no idea what’s involved? Yes, love is 90% improvisation, but some basic research into what a healthy relationship should look like can’t hurt you.
  • Know what you want in a partner (know your audience): of course, it’s also very important that you understand what you want in a partner. Everyone has vastly different needs and preferences and before you can successfully build a healthy relationship with another person, first you need to better understand yourself and your needs.
  • Make yourself available (onsite optimization): make yourself available both physically and emotionally. The key to finding love and building a healthy relationship is opening yourself up to the prospect of allowing another person in. Of course, this can be tricky for some people and may take time, however, you must try to trust people and take risks if you are ever to find that true love of yours.
  • Enjoy life and be fun to be around (create an awesome UX): this ties in rather nicely with “work on yourself”. As you slowly make improvements in your life by working on your physical, mental, and emotional health, everything else will start slotting into place. If you are succeeding in your professional life, you’ll have more financial stability, and with less to worry about, you’ll invariably begin to have more fun in life. Again, everyone is different and depending on your personality type, “enjoying life” can look very different. In any case, you should make an effort to worry less and laugh more. It’s infectious!
  • Talk a good game and ask the right questions (‘people-first’ content development): work on your social skills. It’s important to be able to hold a good conversation with other people and even more important to ask the right questions and listen intently when people open themselves up to you. And in case you are struggling to think of things to talk about; talk about what you know. Discuss your passions and ask other people about what their passions are in life and you’ll rarely run out of things to talk about.
  • Surround yourself with the right people (build a backlink profile): this is a big one; surround yourself with the right people. You should only make time for people in your life if they add value. People who make you feel good, support you, and believe in you. If you make a point of cutting any and all toxicity out of your life, you’ll notice a drastic improvement. More importantly, when you have great friends who you love and adore (and vice versa) you’ll always have people to turn to for advice.

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Conclusion: Build it and they will come

And that about sums it up. Much like SEO, the reason why so many people struggle with finding a life partner and building healthy relationships is because they’re going about it all wrong.

Perfect your SEO game and the hot prospects will come to you!

Of course, if you feel overwhelmed by the sheer volume of work involved, it’s always worth hiring a professional marketing agency to lighten the burden.

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