Top 8 Python Libraries for Selenium Automation Testing

Python Libraries

Python has become one of the most widely popular languages for automation testing thanks to its versatility and a large number of open-source libraries available for it. When it comes to testing web applications, one of the most widely used tools is Selenium, a popular open-source testing framework for web applications. 

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What To Know About Poker Gaming Apps In 2022

Poker makes for a confusing category in mobile gaming today. For one thing, the narrative surrounding the genre doesn’t match the reality. The story has long been that online poker is “dead” in the U.S., yet if you search for it in the app stores, you’ll find well over a dozen apps available for download.

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Important Topics for Technology Enthusiasts

Considering the number of new technologies born each day, it can get hard to know where to invest your energy, money, and most importantly – time. We can now do plenty of things we could only dream of just decades ago, and the advancements just keep getting better. 

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