LoL Chovy’s Impact on the LCK

Jeong “Chovy” Ji-hoon is, without a doubt, one of the best League of Legends players to come out of South Korea. Often talked about in the same breath as Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok, this fearsome mid laner has already chalked up plenty of MVP awards and amassed more than $250,000 from tournament winnings alone. Not bad when you consider that he’s only been playing professionally since 2018. What makes Chovy such a special case? Let’s explore. 

LoL Chovy

Career Beginnings

Although he’s now a staple of the Gen.G Esports roster, Chovy’s professional career began in CK, South Korea’s secondary LoL league. He stayed with Griffin for more than 20 months. During this time, Chovy established himself as a mid laner to watch out for. Along with teammate Shin “Rather” Hyeong-seop, Chovy is often considered the reason why Griffin were eventually promoted to the LCK. 

Despite Griffin birthing some of the best and brightest LoL players of recent years, the lineup struggled to hold their own against more established rosters. They were quickly eliminated from the competition during the Worlds 2019 tournament, losing out to Invictus Gaming. Eventually, it was behind-the-scenes drama that caused Griffin to disband. Not only did Griffin’s coach come under scrutiny for his abusive behavior, but senior management was also investigated due to allegations of illegal activity. Thankfully, by this point, Chovy had made the jump to DRX

Moving On

Chovy’s tenure with DRX was brief, with the South Korean star quickly snapped up by Hanwha Life Esports. Even then, Chovy was a pretty expensive commodity, leaving Hanwha Life with little budget to build an effective team around him. Despite this, the team performed pretty well during the LCK Spring Playoffs in 2021. Unfortunately, they fell to a pitiful 8th-place finish the following season. 

Finding His Feet with Gen.G Esports

Chovy’s career trajectory changed in late 2021 when he signed up with Gen.G Esports. He’s still a key part of the roster today. During his tenure, he’s secured numerous career-defining milestones. In February 2023, he became the tenth LCK player to reach 1,500 kills. The following month, he achieved 300 wins, landing him a spot in a pretty exclusive club. 

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The Chovy Curse

Despite being one of the most promising mid laners currently competing in the LCK, many esports fans talk about the so-called Chovy curse. While he’s racked up many MVP awards and significant playing milestones, Chovy has yet to secure a LCK title with any team he’s played for. However, it wouldn’t be fair to attribute any of this to Chovy himself. During his early career, it was bad management and poor coaching that kept Griffin from going the distance. If anything, Chovy was the key reason why this team was able to temporarily change its fortunes. The same can be said of his time with Hanwha Life Esports. 

Ultimately, Chovy’s career is an inspiration to any aspiring esports athlete. Once a standout of the SoloQ, he quickly made a name for himself on the professional circuit. Within a few years, he secured a spot on one of the best teams currently competing in the LCK. While it’s hard to say wherever he’ll be able to break his curse, Gen.G does look set to take up a major title in the year ahead. Eager to learn more about this rising star? Discover everything you need to know about Chovy at 1337PRO.

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