Top 5 Tips for Sea of Thieves: Beginners Guide

Sea of Thieves is much more intricate than it might seem on the surface. The players begin their thrilling voyage by being dropped directly into the middle of the open sea. This pirate game is about battling terrifying creatures, smashing swords, and stealing treasure. When you first start playing Sea of Thieves, it might be challenging to command your role, which can be overwhelming. Despite constant advancements in player communication, the game still leaves much up to the players to work independently.

Even Sea of Thieves veterans who have spent hundreds of hours at sea may not be aware of all of its hidden mysteries. If you want to triumph in sea fights, amass wealth, and emerge as the top pirate on the Sea of Thieves, you have much to learn. You can learn some incredible Sea of Thieves hacks to dominate and rule the game.

This Sea of Thieves beginner’s guide will teach you how to play an engaging pirate.

Sea Of Thieves

Choose your journey wisely

You should decide whatever kind of adventure you want to embark on. You have to interact with three main factions in Sea of Thieves. You can choose from a variety of quests available in each faction. The names of the quests are the Gold Hoarders, Order of Souls, and Merchant Alliance. 

When players in Sea of Thieves go on missions provided by the factions, they can begin earning real money. Players can work for different factions to make commendations and reputation. Each Trading Company focuses on a distinct kind of reward, such as cosmetics, quests, and treasure.

Players can advance in the game more quickly by visiting the factions. You can start by selecting a Gold Hoarder or Order of Souls assignment to aid your treasure hunting.

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Stay away from the Devil’s Shroud and the Kraken 

In contrast to other games, reaching the limit of the map simply results in players hitting an invisible wall; Sea of Thieves has a deadly surprise for players who go too far. In Sea of Thieves, players travel to the map’s edge and land in The Devil’s Shroud; here, the sky and the sea will become red. 

Players’ ships will also suffer more damage the more profoundly they travel into the region. Players’ ships will begin to disintegrate if they do not turn around quickly enough. They will eventually sink and have to start over. This is not good if the ship contains a lot of treasure. So, if players enter Devil’s Shroud (Red Sea), their best course of action is to retreat to more sheltered seas. 

The Kraken is another dangerous area that players in the game must watch out for. Knowing whether a Kraken is nearby is simple. The water will become dark around the players when they hear a sound cue. The ships’ motion will also be stopped in the dark sea, making retreat challenging. The best course of action for gamers who come upon a Kraken is to engage in combat.

Never anchor your boat 

Beginners mostly avoid anchoring the boat close to an island or outpost. Instead, raise the sail when you are close to your destination and let the ship’s momentum bring it to a stop. When the name of the island appears on a flag, the ship should raise its sails. Pull them up on the brigantine as soon as this banner emerges. Before you have to raise your sails while sailing a sloop, you can get relatively close to an island. Ensure your wheel is pointed straight ahead to prevent the ship from turning. This will enable you to flee quickly in case of need. 

Seek for treasure 

There are numerous ways to find treasure in SoT. Pirates are chasing treasure; therefore, players should look out for any indication of it. 

There are two definite ways to find treasure in the game: the mermaid statues and the messages in the bottles. The sand contains the letters that were written on the bottles. Players should go and check if they notice something glittering in the sand since there is a reasonable probability they have found a message in a bottle. 

The players can also find treasure by locating mermaid statues by keeping an ear out for humming noises on their ship or close to the beach. The treasure can be found by destroying these sculptures.

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Never be short of supplies

As soon as you emerge in the Sea of Thieves, your ship and an outpost will be dropped at random. Therefore, gathering food, wood, and cannonballs should be your top priority. The items are stashed in barrels all across the outpost. You can hold many items at once, so keep returning to your ship to finish emptying your pirate’s inventory.

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