Can You Become a Pro Fortnite Player in One Year?

Nowadays, the term professional video game player doesn’t sound so crazy as it seemed a few years ago, now everyone can become successful! But the main key to making it big in this industry lies in many different factors that all contribute to your gaming success.

Being the best is a luxury not everyone can reach, but those who do experience immense praise and benefits, do you want to be one of the top percent?

Can You Become a Pro Fortnite Player in One Year

Here’s how you can become a pro-Fortnite player in one year!

Get the Right Gear

Before you even think of becoming a pro at anything, you need to think about the technical side of things. Getting the right gear is absolutely vital, especially if you are planning to make this into your career and become a pro.

Start off by getting a good computer that can handle Fortnite and won’t interfere with the gameplay with lags and delays! A big desktop is the best option, but it depends on your taste and vision! Along with those things, you need a good headset, a speedy gaming mouse, and a high-quality keyboard.

Additionally, you can get a desk and a chair designed for gaming, but this is also optional, depending on how comfortable you want to be while playing for a couple of hours! 

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Watch What Others Do

There are so many people that became celebrities from playing video games online, especially Fortnite! Lots of people stream while they play, and you can watch and learn their tactics! This is a great way if you are just starting with the game, so you want to dip your toes somehow – and you can do it by watching professionals play it and learn it from them!

Obviously, you will develop your own tactic, especially in Fortnite, as it is a battle arena type video game, so you can choose what strategy works best for you!

But watching successful pro gamers is a great way to get used to the setting and learn the ropes from a pro before jumping in on your own, so don’t write off watching someone else’s gameplay just yet!

Take Advantage of Shortcuts

Thankfully, there are already people who played the game back and forth and figure out the loopholes! You can totally take advantage of this by taking a peek at the best hacks, cheats and aimbots and seeing if it will help in furthering your career.

Sometimes, certain aspects of the game can be more difficult than others, so see how you can play around them and still be good at the game! Remember, sometimes it’s totally okay to work smart rather than hard!

Practice Makes Perfect 

Just like with any other skill or hobby, playing video games and being good at them doesn’t come easy. Sure, some games are okay to be played casually, but if you want to master something like Fortnite, you might want to consider practicing it like you are learning to play an instrument!

The more hours you play, the better you’ll be – but make sure you are not ditching your day-to-day activities and responsibilities and replacing them with Fortnite, as that’s not a good option. Even if you want to be a pro and become the best player, what good does it make if you are hungry or tired!

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Build a Personal Brand

If you truly want to make it big in the gaming world, you need to start building your own personal brand that will distinguish you from the rest of the gamers out there. Many people want to reach the position of a pro video game player, but not many have the right tools to do so, and one of them is a strong brand image behind them.

If you are at least a little bit invested in Esports, you’ll know that most pro gamers get recognition by streaming their gameplay or being part of competitions. You can also start doing this, try opening a YouTube channel or a twitch, and immerse yourself with the people who have the same goals as you.

Networking is key, and so is finding your devoted audience, and this is the best way to do so!

At the end of the day, playing video games, especially Fortnite, is extremely fun, and it should be more of enjoyment rather than a title to obtain.

If you are naturally gifted at playing these types of games, Fortnite will be easy for you! Just remember to not be as serious about it, consider it like any other passion and surely you’ll reach the top – so never give up and have fun while you are at it! 

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