Top Trends in Online Casino Gaming that Tech Made Possible

Technology helped to transform the online casino industry into a multi-billion dollar business. From small beginnings in the late 1990s, online wagering has evolved in line with new technology, giving developers more freedom to be creative and inventive.

Online Casino Gaming

As a result, new sports betting markets have emerged, new types of games have been developed, and older games have been given a new lease of life. We take a look at three of the latest trends to hit the online gaming and wagering markets.

Live in-play Betting

Sports betting has embraced and stretched the limits of technology at every turn since the first sportsbooks went online more than 20 years ago. One of the most revolutionary changes came with the introduction of live betting, pioneered by betting companies in the UK. Live betting refers to the practice of making bets in-play during a game. Originally, live betting could only be done via phone call but it was later introduced online. This was only possible thanks to new software which is capable of constantly updating odds in reaction to events that are unfolding during an event.

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Live betting started as a novelty option but is now one of the most popular types of bet. Punters can make quick decisions on bets such as who will score the next goal or win the next corner in a soccer game, or who will win the next game in a tennis match. Decisions have to be made quickly and outcomes are known within seconds or minutes.

The Great Bingo Revival

Bingo once had a reputation for being the game of choice for retired senior citizens but online technology has brought the game to a new generation. Today, you can you can play bingo online at all the top online casino websites and the average age of players is now between 35 and 40. Old style bingo cards have been replaced by beautifully rendered graphics which follow themes similar to those found on slot games. And with games available every few minutes, players have the flexibility to play when and where they want. Bingo is back with a bang and more people than ever are playing.

great bingo revival

Live Dealers

Online casinos like goldenslot have enjoyed great success since launching in the late 1990s. Technology has allowed for more realistic graphics, improved user experience and, more recently, live dealers. When casinos first appeared online, one of the main obstacles to overcome was the lack of live dealers. But players soon got used to playing in a simulated environment with games powered by Random Number Generators.

Today, live streaming technology allows online casinos to offer games featuring live dealers. This has proved to be very popular with players who enjoy the human interaction that these games deliver. As a result, live dealer games are set to dominate the online casino market in the next few years.

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Other Tech Advances

Other ways that online casinos have been influenced by technology include the use of cryptocurrencies for payments and withdrawals and the introduction of casino and betting platforms powered by Blockchain technology. We can expect to see more of this technology in the market over the next few years as the top companies strive to give customers the best possible wagering experience.

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