7 Best Sudoku Kingdom Games

The Sudoku Kingdom is one of the best games by Puzzle Lab to download for your tablet and Android phone, and the best way of sharpening your skills in the classic puzzle game. With this Sudoku app, you will be able to play the beautiful and user-friendly game of Sudoku, and also have access to the complete Sudoku learning system on your mobile.

Sudoku Kingdom Games

Once you start playing the game, you will learn with each puzzle, there is a “Hint” button to teach you about the basic techniques that you require to make progress in the game. Even the instructions are very clean and simple to follow and different for each puzzle you play- with colorful visuals and animations. Hints provided will not just give you the right answer, but they will also help you to learn “why” behind every answer.

Such an amazing feature can help you to learn different techniques that you want to solve your Sudoku puzzles in case you are a novice and playing the first game, or professional. With Sudoku Online you can enjoy the clear, simple to read as well as customizable free Sudoku board with the visual guides, which make finding possibilities a complete breeze.

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There are specific input systems that will make entering any notes or solutions magically easy and friendly scoring system to compete with your friends irrespective of your skill level. Thus, Sudoku Kingdom is one of the most unique, special, user-friendly and learnable Sudoku game that you can ever play on your phone, and also the best part is it is totally free!

Learning More About Sudoku!

Sudoku is a popular puzzle game that is played for a very long time. The main aim of the game is to fill 9×9 grid of numbers in a way that every column, row, and 3×3 section have complete digits between one and nine. As the logic puzzle, Sudoku game is the best brain game out there.

Suppose you are playing WebSudoku every day, soon you will see high improvements in your focus and brainpower. So, do not wait and start now. In no time Sudoku game will become your most loved and favorite game online.

Sudoku is the popular Japanese puzzle game that is based on the logical placement of the numbers. It is a game of logic and does not need any kind of calculation or special math skills; you just need brains and focus concentration when playing the game. Here we will look at best Web Sudoku Game for Website, Android and iOS device.


Sudoku Classic is another best Sudoku game that has the vast library of amazing puzzle games out there. This has many thrilling levels for challenging you as a player. As its difficulty levels are very smartly balanced, you may have an amazing time when playing the games. The one best thing that you will love about the game is auto-check functionality, which allows you to instantly find out any errors.

Also, you can make the notes and keep the tab on your game progress. It highlights duplicates just to ensure you do not repeat any numbers. That is not all; you can also challenge your friends and lock horns in the marvelous game of fun.

Sudoku Plus

Sudoku Plus by NRSM has a simple and intuitive user interface, which conveniently allows the players to focus more on their game itself instead of finding out how its UI works. Definitely, it is one simple game and with this amazing app, having a user-friendly UI is totally appreciated. The app has more than 4,000 puzzles, thousand each for different difficulty levels.

Even though UI is easy, still you can customize how it looks by changing the theme. A bit play of colors will not hurt, thus changing its theme some time might help an app to look completely new to you every time you start playing your game. Sudoku Plus has got the folder filter that you can choose what or what not to show. You also can set this to display just new puzzles or set to display solved, new, or currently playing puzzles.

Since basic tools in many Sudoku apps, undo and pencil options are available. The app can also be downloaded free and free from ad support. There are no ads and pop out when you’re busy concentrating to solve your puzzle, the plus point of this app’s easy and simple-to-use interface.

Super Sudoku

When you play the free puzzles game, let’s say Sudoko, it will not be a huge surprise that you can find it tough to part from this puzzle. Feeling of excitement while you finish your puzzle is totally incomparable, and you will not even see that you invested a lot of time for completing one.

Super Sudoku game offers you the easy-to-use and intuitive interface that again, may allow you careless on how this interface works. It is a puzzle that you are after and not how complex these buttons on the screen are. What is more, you will get the app for free as well as have got no ads littering over when you’re soaking up the time on a puzzle. There’re around 5 difficulty levels in the app that will keep you motivated along your way.

Some other variants of the Sudoku Hard like Color Sudoku, Percent Sudoku, Sudoku-X, Hyper Sudoku, and Squiggly Sudoku also are available part from a standard one. The global leaderboards and awards system to awards you by points for each puzzle done will challenge you in solving even difficult puzzles in the record time, and beating other players on its leader board.

Sudoku +

It is one best Sudoku games available on your App store with over 17 difficulty levels. This brings you very good features, tutorials, and hints for solving your puzzles with the tutorial, which lessons you with a good solving method.

The game allows you to scan puzzles from magazines and newspapers, using a camera. As this app generates puzzles and you will bump in something totally worthwhile. Yes, there is a tutorial that will teach you to master the puzzles.

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Sudoku Quest

What sets Sudoku Quest apart from other game out there is a huge collection of over 1,000 puzzles. This has more than 600 amazing levels with over 11 brilliant variations. In order, to ensure you’re in with the chance of cracking down the puzzle, it offers you the hint.

There’s the magic eye, which allows you to focus on just one number. With the auto-pencil, you will get all possible solutions. You also have eight fantasy worlds for you to explore. What is more, it offers tricks and tips so that you can win the games with élan.

Sudoku II

This is one amazing Soduku app, which boosts your concentration skill in the logical-thinking, and exercising your brain though you’re just playing the game. The app has got 3 different levels and over 3,500 Sudoku free puzzles that will satiate your requirement for the daily challenge.

This app has over six different modes to select from. You may play standard one, Percent Sudoku, X-Sudoku, Squiggly X-Sudoku, Squiggly Sudoku, as well as Squiggly Percent Sudoku. With this Sudoku app, you may continue the previously played game puzzle or you can restart the puzzle completely.

Of course, the undo button is accessible to allow you to go back one step in solving the puzzle. The hints are there in the app and one can either turn on or off the hints button accordingly how often you want help with completing the puzzle.

Sudoku – Prime Sudoku

No matter whether you are the novice or expert, you will definitely love this unique Sudoku game. This game has got customizable input & display settings, which spice up your gaming experience. There’re around 10 concurrent grids, which do not allow any kind of dull moment to creep in the gaming.

Conflict & error highlighting system help you to make the smart move. Did you make any wrong move? No worry, one can easily undo or redo to make sure you are on the proper track to win your puzzle battle.

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If you want to learn how to solve sudoku puzzles easily then check out this video by Howcast:


Without any doubt, after playing some top Sudoku game apps that we have listed here, you will probably become an expert. So, do not get surprised if you get a little fast in solving something, which needs good logic. With all these Sudoko puzzle apps, the logical-thinking may come naturally to you.

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