How to Italicize in Discord?

Discord is a chat and voice application similar to Skype or TeamSpeak or any professional communication platform like Slack. The only difference between skype and discord is that discord has ‘rooms’ or ‘servers’ where a voice and text chatroom is hosted. The chatrooms are meant for different things. Therefore, for every person there is individual volume so that everyone is comfortable.

Discord is aimed at gamers in particular. It supports video calls, voice chat as well as text messaging. The video game players use the app to coordinate their play. They can talk to other players and the search functions help find other people and add them in the friends list. The app goes well with desktop and mobile platforms. It can easily run on Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, Linux, and in web browsers. It is very helpful if you are playing PC games.

The app can be used as a social tool to organize people. You can see Discord as a platform to build a forum type social community which is semipublic in nature. The players who have common interests build a group like fans of a particular game can create or join gaming servers, where people meet and hang out, chat via text, video or voice.

Italicizing the Text Messages in Discord

I understand that you came here for How to Italicize in Discord? Let’s get into it! Italicizing text (creating slanted italics) in Discord is quite simple. There are two methods under Markdown to make your text italic.

1). Using asterisks (*) – it’s very simple; just quote the message with asterisks. Press SHIFT +8 for the asterisk (*).

Ex- If you write *message in italics*, it will appear as message in italics.

2). Another option is to replace the asterisks (*) with underscores (_).

Ex- If you write _message in italics_, it will appear in italics as message in italics.

We can combine various text formatting options together like underline and bold/italics or underline, bold and italics together.

Texting via Discord

The text messages can be written using the text field at the bottom of the Discord screen. GIFs and images can also be added. It supports “Markdown” which means you can easily and quickly change the text in your chats without knowing the actual coding. Markdown allows stylizing the text i.e. adding bold, italics and other formatting to the text messages. You can easily learn the tricks.

Markdown is a simple plain text formatting system. It helps in making the sentences stand out. There are total six markdown operators in Discord:

  • Bold text
  • Italicized text
  • Strike-through text
  • Inline code blocks
  • Code block formatting
  • Spoilers

You just need to add a few characters before and after the desired text you want to change.

Word Format Result
Italics *italics* or _italics_ Italics
Bold **bold**                      Bold
Bold Italics ***bold italics***        Bold Italics
Underline __underline__             Underline
Underline italics __*underline italics*__ Underline italics
Underline bold __**underline bold**__ Underline bold
underline bold italics __***underline bold italics***__ underline bold italics
Strikethrough ~~Strikethrough~~ Strikethrough

Using Code Blocks

  • We can use code blocks instead of markdown.
  • Wrap the text in backticks (`) to make your own code block.
  • If you use three backticks (“`) you can create multiline code blocks.
  • To make a code block you can denote a particular language for syntax highlighting. This can be done by typing the language’s name right after the first three backticks from the starting of the code block.
  • The syntax highlighting supports many different languages. Each language has its own approach to highlight.

You’ll need to first create a Discord account. Run it in the browser or install the Discord app. There are various customization options available. You can create a new Discord server all by yourself and send invitations to people to join you on the server. But it is not possible to browse for Discord servers on the app itself.

Benefits of Using Discord

  • It allows live text, voice, and video chat
  • Both private and public messaging is possible
  • Send instant invite links
  • Various tools and member roles are available on the servers
  • Efficient management of the social community on the app
  • Push notifications which give alerts when you receive messages or is tagged in by other members
  • It’s a cross-platform app so you can chat while playing games

Final Words

Discord is completely free and safe to use. It has very quickly gained popularity with 90 million users and 14 million people logging on every day. The public Discord servers focus on variety of topics like anime, cryptocurrency, self-improvement apart from hanging out, making friends and playing games.

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