Stellar Phoenix QuickBooks Recovery – Best QWB Corrupted File Recoverer

Data deleted is sometimes big headache that may lead to the loss of crucial information especially when the data is related to Business issues. Hence, it is important to keep data safe or otherwise find a method to recover this lost data from the software. Stellar known for its variety of products has been leading producer of software for the industry experts. Stellar Phoenix Recovery for QuickBooks is such software which is QuickBooks file repair software that performs a non-destructive repair and recovery process to extract information.

This QuickBooks file repair software is secure and reliable repair tool, which helps users to repair the damaged QBW files (QuickBooks files) and recovers all the data related to Company, Vendors, Employees, and Customers which are constituents of QuickBooks software. QuickBooks is Accounting software that holds the records of all business-related data and hence it is important to keep data safe.

This QuickBooks file repair software also allows users to perform data recovery from QBB files which are backup files of the QuickBooks Software data. It has an advanced algorithm that helps it to perform more efficiently and recover data quicker.

This software allows you to select corrupt QBW file from anywhere in the system and enables to search QBW files on Windows system and then select required for scanning to proceed for recovery which will be helpful if you don’t know the location of the QBW files. It also provides a preview of all the fixed data files and recoverable Accounts data.

How to use Phoenix Recovery to restore missing data in QuickBooks file?

As mentioned this QuickBooks file repair software will help its users to recover and restore all the data from both QBW files and QBB files of the QuickBooks. Irrespective of the reason for damage of QBW or QBB files, users can get access to lost paychecks, payroll transactions, and job details etc., The strong aspects of this QuickBooks file repair software are recovery modes that are simple recovery mode and Advanced recovery mode.

The simple recovery mostly solves all the problems and recovers most of the data files. If the recovery is not possible through the simple recovery mode to recover desired data, the recovery process can be done by the advanced recovery option which uses QBB file as a reference to recovery and achieves best possible results.

So if you have QBB file which is QuickBooks backup file, here are the steps that need to be followed to use Advanced Recovery option of Stellar Phoenix Recovery for QuickBooks Software:

1). Using the Select File option, Select the corrupted QuickBooks data file (QBW).

2). Select the QuickBooks backup (QBB) file using the Browse tab option. This file can be used as a reference file to recover data.

3). Select the version of QuickBooks backup that you are using.

4). Then click on the Start button on Stellar Phoenix recovery to initiate the recovery process.

5). After the completion of the recovery process, a message box will appear on the screen stating the successfully completed process.

Once the process is successfully completed to ensure that data recovery is perfect, it is essential to check the preview of all QuickBooks recoverable data that is part of the file repair process. Follow the following the steps to preview the recoverable data:

  • Launch Stellar Phoenix Recovery for QuickBooks Software on a system where the corrupted QBW file is located.
  • In the primary interface, Select and Scan the QBW data file using the Select File and Scan File options respectively.
  • If the location of the QBW file is unknown, the user can find the location using the Find File Option.
  • Then use the Scan File option to scan the QBW file.
  • After the Scan is completed, Software generates Log report and clicks Ok to close the report. Then a preview of scanned file displays on the screen.

To ‘preview the entire recoverable data’, then perform the following steps in the preview tab:

  • Click on the Company option which is present on the left side of the preview interface to look at company data. Company Information appears then.
  • Choose Customers button to preview the Customers data from the preview interface.
  • Similarly, you can use the Vendors button and Employees button to look into Vendors information and Employees information respectively.

Features of QuickBooks Phoenix Recovery

Recovers All QuickBooks QBW File Data: This QuickBooks file repair software is efficiently and rapid in repairing the corrupted or damaged QuickBooks file which is QBW files. It recovers almost all data such as transaction of original currencies and information of the company, information related to vendors, employees, and customers.

One of the best features of This QuickBooks file repair software is that it recovers all data from the QBW files of multiple country editions of QuickBooks that are from UK, USA, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Germany, and South Africa.

Preview of Recoverable Data: Preview feature is the best feature for any data and file recovery software. This software also provides an option to preview all the recoverable data from the repaired QBW file. It enables users to get a preview of all the data related to Employee, Vendor, Customers, and Company data.

Option to search: Sometimes it is difficult to find the corrupted QBW files from the system. This QuickBooks file repair software enables users to select QBW file from any location on the system. Users can search for files in the system through Find file option and select the files from any location of the system. This simplifies the process of recovery of data from corrupted or damaged QBW files.

Advanced Recovery: Most of the times simple recovery may help to recover the data. But in situations where simple recovery doesn’t help, advanced recovery option will be useful to recover data in complex situations. It also fixes all errors in the corrupted and damaged QBW files to help the users. It also displays all the log report after successful completion of the recovery process.


Stellar Phoenix Recovery for QuickBooks is normally available for free download from its software. It provides all the recovery options and preview mode along with the free download mode. But, saving of the recovered data from the corrupted files is not possible with the free version. Technician version unleashes all the features provided by this software. Technician version is available at cost of $ 249 and at 16,999 INR at Indian rupees.

Pros and Cons

This QuickBooks file repair software comes in many pros and few cons. They are as following:


  • It fixes all the errors of the corrupted or damaged QBW files and QBB files.
  • The tool generates log report along with fixing all errors and file recovery of the corrupted QBB files.
  • It provides an option for the preview of all the recoverable data from the QBB and QBW files.
  • Simple and fast recovery process.
  • It allows transfer of the license to another system while deactivating it from the previous one.


  • Though free version is great, Technician version is a bit costly.
  • Instead of coming as an add-on to QuickBooks, this software comes as a separate application.

Final Verdict

Stellar Phoenix QuickBooks Recovery is the best app that helps its users to recover data from the QBB files along with fixing corrupted or damaged QBW files of the QuickBooks. Fast recovery, simple interface and great options such as a preview of all recoverable data and display of log report, This QuickBooks file repair software can be rated best recovery software for QuickBooks files.

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