5 Best Game Recordings Software For Windows

In the time of technology, there is no lack of game recording software. What we look is best game recording software as we need perfection for the work. I have tried much software to record games and hence come to the idea to write an article on the same topic. If you are a diehard game lover you need Logitech gaming software on your PC.

Game Recordings Software

I wish you do not waste time to find one tool like me. Just spend a few minutes to read this article and find the best tool for you.

1. OBS STUDIO (https://obsproject.com/)

OBS Studio is the first name in the list. It is a professional tool and can handle different system and formats, including windows. The multi-platform support makes this software ideal for gamers. It is a one-stop solution for recording gameplay.

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According to me, it is the best software for record games. It can live stream your gameplay and for tools and transition provide multiple options. What I want to say is with this tool you are not limited to frame rate.

It gives you exceptional full control while recording the games. It supports all known players like Twitch, YouTube, and Facebook Live. Your first-time experience might be tough if you are not familiar with a similar kind of software.

Do not worry; there are plenty of video tutorials that help you to use it. This open-source software is available for various platforms like Windows, Linux, and Macs. If you are looking for quick and easy without live streaming, then there are some other names to tell, but no one can beat its free tools and features.


  • 4K recordings of games
  • Professional-level tools
  • Open source and free software
  • Surround sound support


  • Hard for beginners

2. BANDICAM (https://www.bandicam.com/)

Bandicam is not a famous name like Filmora, but the screen recording is one thing that is favorite among the game fan. The reason behind its name is its price point and availability for all the games. Yes, it the fact that you can record PC-based titles as well as games of your mobile.

Even this software does not bother about game formats. It can capture flash games from your web browser as well as games running at 3,840 x 2,160 easily. Lag is not a problem when you are using this game recording software. Even it can handle FPS rates up to 144.

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Even if you want to add commentary in the gameplay videos, you can do its program’s sound mixing feature. It also supports Hardware-accelerated h.264 encoding. What the best part is you can record video for continuous 24 hours and can control frame rate as well while recording.

The user interface is easy, and a new user can easily understand it. However, some people find it difficult. This software is feasible for the price. It provides five packages starting from $39/pc to $470 /20 pcs. The trial version is there but accessible for 10 minutes only.

There is a trial version of the program available as well, but only for 10-minute only and with watermark.


  • 4K recording
  • 24-hour recording support
  • FPS overlay and controls
  • Up to 144 fps


  • Not accessible on Macs

3. NVIDIA SHADOWPLAY (https://www.nvidia.com/en-us/geforce/geforce-experience/shadowplay/)

Ok, let me first tell you that this software not for everyone. But it is free and performs like a pro. It is available for those only who has Nvidia’s graphics cards in the system.

ShadowPlay is built in the GPU, and hence, it is an attractive solution for gameplay streaming. Instead of using the system resources, it will use your GPU to handle the heavy games, so you do not have to bother about legging of the game while you game.

The Instant Replay system is also pro. It features your 30 seconds action to show off your skills online. It is quick and easy to share. Even broadcasting the games on YouTube or Twitch is easy. How can I forget the creation of GIFS and 4K screenshots? It can record 4K videos up to 60 FPS.

Other things included Shadow Mode that can record 20 minutes of gameplay. An unlimited mode can record the video until you run out of space. You need an NVIDIA GTX650 or higher card to use ShadowPlay. It does not need money to use it.


  • Free of cost
  • Easy to use
  • 4K recording at 60 frames per seconds
  • Instant replay


  • Only works with Nvidia graphics cards
  • Provide limited features

4. FRAPS (http://www.fraps.com/)

If you are playing the games for a long time, then you have heard this name for sure. This best game recording software has been in the market from decades, and with the time it upgrades itself and stands strong till today.

I do not find its interface attractive, but it has some amazing results. If you are caring for the environment and want green screen software built-in, then this software is for you. No flagship features as it is a video capture and screen capture program.

Fraps can easily record massive games without compromising the resolution due to its benchmarking nature. You can’t edit the things after recording but the tool can reliable for the older version of windows.

It is free to download, but it has some cons like watermark and limited recording timing. If you want to get unlimited access, pay $37.


  • Support a wide variety of resolution
  • Custom frame rates
  • Benchmarking statistics
  • The excellent screen capture tool


  • Difficult to run with the current OS
  • Less editing tool
  • Not frequent updates

5. PLAYS (https://plays.tv/)

Plays.tv is unique software from the rest of all. It can edit and record videos with social media portals.  You can record the game and gain followers or share the video through the services.

The program is lightweight and records the game straightforward. It’s killing features stand out it from the rest of all. Kills and deaths are added automatically in the clip form or the game footage. With the bookmark feature, you can quickly find moments.

You can add your footage or check out footage from the popular games. It is hard to find such a low price with great features.


  • Easy to use
  • Bookmark system
  • Instant replay
  • Free


  • Fewer updates
  • Limited editing tools

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It is all about best game recording software for windows. We hope you like it. Thank you!

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