How to Chose the Best Fitness Tracker for your Kid?

Nowadays Kids are very active and are getting involved in various activities both in schools and at home. Almost most of the kids are very much attracted towards gaming. But they should not only play video games. They need to be both physically and mentally active. Most of the parents worry about their kids and want them to be physically active but at the same time also worrying about their health and other issues. For such parents, there are fitness tracker bands available online which they can use for their kids to track their fitness and monitor their kid’s health. These fitness trackers help in monitoring your kid’s basic health condition while they are having fun. These watches are durable and help the parents to be up to date with their children’s activities.

You want the fitness bands to be fun so that the children enjoy wearing them and they don’t feel like they are suffering. You also don’t want anything that requires charging because that is inconvenient. Fitness bands encourage healthier habits too. The bands are interesting and provide fun ways to motivate younger ones to count steps and go and play regularly.

Things to Look for in a Best Fitness Tracker

There are certain things to look for when you are going to purchase a fitness tracker for your kid. They are as follows:

Water Resistant

Almost all the kids mess up with their body and dresses when they play with fellow kids at school or park. So it is very much important to buy a water-resistant fitness tracker so that it will not long last for at least a year.


Usually, kids love colors. They will really love to wear such colorful displayed gadgets. At the same time, the activity tracker should not be that much attractive to the kid’s eyes. Because then most of the time, the kid will end up playing with the tracker. I hope that you are getting what I’m trying to say. So just check whether the display is good enough and are meeting your expectations.


This is one of the very important things to be considered before buying a fitness tracker. You need to know your kid’s interest and the goals that you want to set for your child to achieve. Some activity tracker will help in monitoring and even maintaining the health metrics of a kid by properly setting goals for the kid to achieve. Some mainly focus on making to kid to involve more in physical activities. So based on your need, you can check for these goals in the tracker.


The more the feature, the more you can track and also high price. You can even buy for a specific feature or a normal one with most of the features.

Battery Life

Battery life is another important thing when it comes to kids activity tracker. If the tracker is made of the LED display then obviously it will consume low battery. Also, make sure that the tracker is charged fast. Some low priced trackers will take decades to get fully charged. So analyze these things very importantly.


The pricing of the fitness tracker will vary based on the features. You can even buy a cheap tracker for the price starting from 10$ itself. The more sophisticated ones will be little costlier if it has an attractive display along with other features like water-resistant etc.

So now I think you got little idea to pick the needy fitness tracker for your kid. Let’s see some of the best fitness tracker available in the market. Below is the list of fitness trackers for kids which are fun and also gets the work done.

1. Fitbit Ace

Fitbit Ace is designed mainly for kids with age 8+. A smaller, kid-friendly version is Fitbit Alta. Ace tracks your kid’s active steps, minutes and sleep time and it gets sent into the parent’s application. Kids can pair with their smartphones to receive call notifications or parents can send messages of support.

Fitbit is coming up with Ace 2 which is waterproof and can be worn when the kids go for swimming. It is kid-like with animated faces, bold colors, bumper to protect the device and ability for kids to wear inspire bands. Parents can provide rewards and badges for hitting goals as well as arrange step off competitions. The steps they take and can be seen by the child and they can choose to optimize the watch face to their choosing. Bedtime reminders can be set to keep your child on a schedule.

Fitbit also has a Fitbit zip which is for children who do not like to wear bands due to sensitivity issues. It is a clip-on tracker which can be clipped on the belt, clothing or backpack. It is simple and designed in such a way to extend the battery life and can expect a good 4-6 months with sessions of recharging.

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2. Garmin Vivofit Junior 2

The Vivofit Jr 2 counts steps and tracks active minutes. It also helps in monitoring your kid when they are in sleep. Vivofit Jr 2 has many brands like Marvel, StarWars, and Disney themes. After linking to the phone the kids can also play a themed adventure application linked to Marvel, Starwars, Disney themes. This is also waterproof and made of rubber.

Garmin introduced games for rewarding children for hitting goals. As the child hits the target they are awarded a game and story. Badges and new watch faces are unlocked with the activities achieved. Parents can track chores and set your own chores or use the installed ones like getting dressed in the morning or brushing your teeth. Coins can be earned and they can be redeemed for rewards.

The battery life is great and can last for about a year until it has to be replaced. The dim display can be hard to read. There are two choices to choose from a stretchy band invented for children from 4-6 years and the other one is adjustable, buckled equivalent for 6 years old and above.

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3. Unicef Kid Power Band

Unicef Power Band has a great initiative where they provide food packets to children all around the globe with more steps your child makes. The more time is spent by the children running and playing and keeping active, more food is given to the children. With the completion of missions, a video is unlocked detailing cultures.

A companion application for parents is also available for parents to monitor. You need to charge roughly once a week and requires consistent recharging. The Power Bands come in different variations with three of them being StarWars edition. It is waterproof and takes only one hour time for charging.

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4. Leapfrog Leapband

This band is attractive and a colorful band. It keeps the children motivated and lets them do activities. It is more game oriented and is cheaper than most trackers. Leapfrog tracker has a continuous list of activities for their children and physical challenges which help them earn jewels. This helps them take care of a virtual pet. They can help clothe, bath it. Children can choose whichever pet they want. Kids can earn toys for their pets.

Ten pre-loaded games can be there and other 40 games can be unlocked after completion of the activity. With the pentathlon application, the kids can compete as their pets in mini-games. Parents can monitor their children with the Move Mode whenever the child is interacting with the band and is moving. Player Mode is playing games and Quiet Mode is used when the child is resting and sleeping.

The parents can control when the child can play games. It is bulky and has no volume option so can loud and annoying. This tracker is water resistant and helps the child focus in school. It teaches children about nutrition and is very educative.

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5. Nabi Compete

This one has a flexible wristband that holds the tracking device in place. Compete has no display so it has to be synced with the computer to see the activities. Kids can check the number of steps and they can see it in a unique way like showing the completion of the Brooklyn bridge. Nabi includes calorie comparison. It can help them burn calories after the food they have eaten and estimation of calories can be done.

The compete and trackers come in different colors and designs and includes Barbie, Hot Wheels. They can compete with their parent or any friend. With the completion of challenges, you can earn virtual awards and pets which can grow. It is kid- proof, and interactive which makes fitness fun.

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6. Kurio Watch 2.0

It is more like a smartwatch along with being a tracker. It can take pictures, videos and is customized with fun filters. Bluetooth connectivity allows parents to exchange pictures and videos with their children. The fitness aspects are in the Sports Challenge Games. There are three different types of games including dancing games.

Each watch comes with one standard band and another color changing band which changes color with the child’s temperature. It is also waterproof and scratch resistant. The child can be distracted by other activities and can inhibit their mobility.

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7. VTech Kidizoom

This one is more of a smartwatch than a tracker. The interface on the watch face is easy to use, interactive and attractive. It has a broad range of colors and also has two cameras, one selfie and other for surrounding pictures and videos. The activity challenges available are the racing challenge which can monitor your kid’s speed from running from one point to another.

There are Motion controlled games too in this watch. They get the children moving when the sounds are triggered. It keeps its activities engaged and fun. There is a Monster Catcher game that uses reality and helps the kids catch monsters in the real world. It is a great way to motivate your kids to run around and play. The bad part about this watch is that it is not waterproof. The plus point is games are interactive and helps children to tell time.

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Final Words

These are some of the fitness trackers with which you can track your child’s activities and health. It also helps to check the day to day workout progress of their child and some apps even rewards for completing tasks. This rewarding system was just introduced by some companies to entertain and encourage kids with their physical activities. This results in a form of motivation and helps the kid to perform well in gaming activities. These are a good list of trackers and you can purchase any of them based on their requirement and their kid’s age.

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