6 Simple Recession-Proof Business Ideas for 2020

Don’t let the recession blues get you down. Now’s your chance to be proactive. Instead of waiting for the business to come to you, go out and make it happen.

Brainstorming’s simple: start with what you know and what people can’t do without. Once you’ve determined your product or service, you can build own website for free, reach out to your target market and grow your presence online.

Business Ideas

Even with a widespread decline in spending, getting into business in 2020 is as easy as these six inspiring ideas. Whether you do these solo or get a team of one or two to join you, don’t delay—start your new business today!

1. Food and Drink Sales

Whether rich or poor, everyone has to eat. With the general public becoming increasingly more health-conscious, there’s an opportunity for you to cater accordingly. You could start farming or selling organic produce. Perhaps you could make or stock food and beverages that are especially suitable for dairy-free gluten-free, vegetarian, or vegan-friendly consumers. You’ll be surprised at the demand.

Another possibility is to supply food for bulk shoppers. Selling dry goods wholesale style will ensure customers stock up on their essentials at a more affordable rate. This way, you’ll regularly retail large quantities of stock.

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2. Recycling and Trash Collection

Probably one of the least favorite household jobs, recycling, and trash collection will always exist & need to be disposed of. By offering a trash collection or recycling service, you’ll make an effort while pocketing a profit.

Households and companies can pay for weekly or monthly collection services. By being provided with the correct disposal bins or bags, all they need to do is throw the items away. You’ll collect and sort through them & the environment will be less negatively impacted. A win-win situation.

3. Repairs and Maintenance

You’ll be guaranteed that for every item that’s bought, it’ll need to be repaired and maintained. From household appliances and electronics to electrical circuits & plumbing, a repairs & maintenance service rarely runs out of business.

Repairs and Maintenance

Even after cars start becoming liabilities instead of assets, they’ll always need to be repaired. Instead of buying new cars, people will want to fix what they have and save money during a recession. Do you like repair projects or enjoy fixing cars? This is your chance to step in.

4. Teaching and Tutoring

School and college kids are constantly learning new things. For them to succeed, they need to understand the content to ace those assignments and exams. Were you particularly gifted at a subject while in school? If you’re passionate about helping people understand and grow in their knowledge, then teaching & tutoring’s your answer.

Teaching and Tutoring

The best part about this service is you can determine your own rate, be mobile and travel to different locations or even offer online lessons. Parents will pay for their children to excel. Whether you can offer insights in academic subjects or even as a college or workplace mentor, you can earn money by helping others.

5. Virtual Assistance and IT Support

Instead of hiring extra staff to fulfill the roles of administrative assistants, bookkeepers, tax preparation, or IT support, virtual assistance trumps face to face in many cases. If you’re a talented organizer or have vast IT knowledge, consider being a Virtual Assistant or IT support service. You can work remotely online and by speaking to clients on the phone.

While the functions of these roles don’t necessarily change, they can be carried out in a less expensive yet efficient manner in the 21st century. With more and more professionals traveling or working from home, this is a sensible outsourced service you can offer.

6. Writing and Editing

When unemployment is high because people are being retrenched or made redundant, they’ll be looking for new jobs. If you’re particularly skilled at writing and editing, your window into this market is to offer your expertise by advertising a resume writing or portfolio editing service.

In addition, instead of paying corporate rates, companies may favor freelance writers and editors for the development of their website copy or print media. The bonus? You can do this from home.


There is still hope for small businesses. In fact, they could very well lead the way in future business. Your recession-proof business ideas could prove that it’s possible not only to survive but thrive during challenging times!

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