Put Some Confidence: 10 Useful Fashion Tips For Petite People

For petite people, it can be tricky to dress and to choose what would be the appropriate pair of shirts and skirts that will suit their size and height. But, when they find the best for them, they will totally flip their hair and own the entire red carpet. The perfect definition of fashion will surely be on their side. Everything gray will turn into something colorful.

Petite People Fashion Tips

All they need to have is a little creativity and confidence, and for sure, anyone’s head will turn. In fashion, the right proportion in outfits is a must aside from confidence. Now, if you are 5’4” below and don’t have any idea on how to start your own fashion because of your height, these following useful fashions tips are really made for you. 

Wear a Dress

Wearing a dress is perfect for any woman with a cute height. This makes them look more attractive and adorable. Dresses can even make you look taller if you have a slim body. Select a dress that is knee-length and not those gown-like dresses as they are not a good option for a petite like you. You can pair the dress with a slingback and heels to polish this particular fashion.

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Wear Clothes That Fit Your Size

As a friendly reminder, avoid wearing oversized clothes. These will make you look shorter because of its dominant size. Find and wear clothes that rightly fit your size. Fit clothes add your adorable and sexy appearance.  A belted dress is an ideal choice for petite. But if you really like to pursue oversized shirts because it is one of the trends nowadays, assure that you don’t wear both oversized shirts and shorts. This makes an unappealing look. 

Wear Heels

This is a typical way of gaining heights. However, you must not be overwhelmed with this idea by wearing too high heels, especially if you are not used to it. Remember to keep yourself safe at any times. You can always own the stage in simple ways. Get a heel that fits your feet size, and it should be comfortable. 

Use Your Belts Wisely

We cannot hide the fact that the legs of petite people are relatively short. Hence, there should be a specific style that can manage not to make everything look awkward. You can use a belt that will match the color of your dress, pants, or shirt to make your legs look longer. This makes the belt look invisible, and your outfit will become natural. 

Consider The Case Thickness When Wearing a Watch

As one of the vital parts of the general rule, always consider the thickness of the watch’s case when you are looking for a perfect fit. The case depth and its diameter should be proportional. Knowing its proportion, you will have a classic watch that suits your wrist well. Iconic watches There are thousands of iconic timepieces like Speedmaster available in the market and online shops. Some of those are originally made for specific purposes that will delight every woman’s taste of fashion.

Wear High Waist Pants or Skirt

Aside from wearing a mini dress, one of the best ways to make you look tall is to wear high waist pants or skirts. Your legs will appear longer, and if you have a perfect shape, but it will become more noticeable. This adds you a hot and deceiving appearance. To showcase your coolness, you can also pair it with simple yet stunning watches. 

Wear Vertical Stripes

Avoid shirts or dresses with horizontal stripes, but try to wear vertical stripes instead. This type of fashion creates an illusion that deceives the eyes of the people who saw you walking at the mall, bar, or restaurant. 

Wear Flares

This 70s fashion created their own name in the modern era. If you think that this is just for the 70s, better think again. This is actually helpful for people who have short legs and upper body size. For a more appealing aura, it can be paired with high heels and a cute slingback. 

Don’t Wear Wide-Leg Trousers

If you have a slim body figure and a very cute height, wide-leg trousers will ruin your appearance. It is not the perfect choice for you. Wearing it will be very awkward. Find a petite trouser that fits you perfectly without any size extras. If you cannot find some, you can ask a tailor to make it fit your size. 

Wear Ankle Boots

Knee-boots cut off your short legs, and as a result, it will look even shorter. Nobody wants that. You are striving to appear taller, and you will just ruin that goal by wearing that type of boots? It is not a good idea. Ankle boots go really well with your height and size. 

Wear a Maxi Dress With  a Split

Wearing a plain maxi dress can be dull, but a maxi dress with a split can put extra flavor with your fashion. Most especially, it can be beneficial for short girls. The side split of the dress can define and balance their small figures.

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Sizes and heights are not an issue when it comes to fashion. Every creativity and little positive adjustment always leads to an ideal result. The fashion tips mentioned above are surprisingly useful for people with short legs. Now, if you have a petite friend or a family member, its time to put some colors in their fashion. Help them gain confidence. 

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