Mystic Messenger Emails Guide [Questions & Answers]

Mystic Messenger is the most hardcore game of texting cuties that you can ever play. You can make it simple for yourself just by getting over its core concepts. The main point of the Mystic Messenger game is reading and reacting to instant messages. Even though you will also get the phone calls and SMS, instant messages or occasional novel segments are an essential part of the gameplay. The IM chats that you take part in, and responses that you make and shape character route you will experience.

Mystic Messenger

Here is a thing, though: IM comes in real-time, on their own schedule. Mystic Messenger is not the game that you are supposed to play in a bus, whenever you feel–you have to pick up your phone and notifications while they come in (ignore them) –like in the real life.

How does Mystic Messenger Email work?

When hosting a party, the first thing’s expected is how you will deal with your guests that can you’re your organization’s party. Generally, an invitation is going to be via virtual emails, which you can see in an app. It is something Jumin, V, Yoosung, 707, and Zen will look up to, thus ensure you do this really well.

Hosting the Mystic Messenger Party

Hosting a party in Mystic Messenger isn’t just one ordinary gathering, but the unique activity in this game that they called as RFA. It’s the fundraising association, which was established by Rika (girlfriend of V) but stopped after her death.

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RFA or Rika’s Fundraising Association

RFA is a charity organization and holds parties for raising funds for people in need. When Rika’s passing, no parties were held. However, after you joined this game, there’s the chance that the party will be hosted once again.

When Can You Start Getting Your Mystic Messenger Emails?

Mystic Messenger game comprises eleven days, and the party is held on the 11th day, thus try best to get on that day. For you to host the party successfully, you must invite 10 guests at least through emails. But, it just applies when you play a regular story. Suppose you take the Ray and V route, you have to get 15 guests to make your chance of best ending.

How You Can Invite the Guests to Party by the Mystic Messenger Emails?

To invite guests is an easy task, however, not on the emails. There’re some things that you have to consider for the guests to enter a party. Keep in mind, you require 10 guests for having a good ending, and attendance may depend upon how you react to the emails.

Within 10 days before a party, you need to answer your guests’ emails 3 times. Every guest’s name has @ symbol with their name. Suppose you don’t complete three answers or have answered the wrong question, your guest won’t attend your party. However, if you provided the right answers 3 times, then your guest will definitely come.

  1. Suppose you answered 3 emails rightly, you will see 3 green arrows.
  2. Suppose you get an orange arrow, it means answers are incorrect.

Thus, to make things simple for you and your fans, you need to find the right answers for every guest that you will encounter.

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Mystic Messenger Email Guide

Besides IM chats, the emails are an important part of the Mystic Messenger. For getting the good ending in Mystic Messenger play through, it is important to receive a minimum of 10 confirmed RSVPs for the party through email. You can just invite guests to your party after the topic is broached in the chat, and after which you will get an email from your intended guest. Always ask about the secondary characters or hint that you want them to attend.

For getting your guest to commit you for the party, you will have to make 3 correct replies for their emails. The correct replies will be marked in green, whereas incorrect ones come in orange. Suppose you get all 3 replies right, then you will get the confirmation email that can mark this thread “completed” in the silver. If you get 2 out of 3 correct replies will result in a green “completed” message, and a chance that the guest will attend the party.

Your guests won’t attend the party unless you open the final confirmation email that you will use to power the game if you are collecting endings. To know more you can see the character and endings guides, and email guide for the right answers to the Mystic Messenger threads.

Emails have the slow turnaround thus you must reply to any of this you receive when possible, and increase your odds of getting it right through this correspondence chain before an end of this game. Do not worry if it appears to be taking some time; you will often get the multiple confirmation emails itself.

There’s no negative consequence of inviting the guests that your love interests do not like– so invite everybody you can. Just one character (Jaehee) takes exception of your invitations, and then if you are playing diligently it must not be sufficient to knock you down the track.

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Save & Load

Make sure you save the game manually before you exit from the app; as autosave will be a bit buggy. You may reload a save in case you wish to rollback the choice or you have missed the stack of chats, however, it can cost you 5HG a pop. It is to prevent the heart farming but cuts on save-scumming. Though, resuming your game just by pressing the “original story” while you start an app is totally free.

Suppose you do wish to reload the save, ensure you load your save as early as possible when it was made (24hours later) because your game can pick up as per the system clock –thus any chats that have popped up in interim gets missed.

Suppose you resume the game after ignoring this for many hours, you will miss the stack of chats – that will have the disastrous consequences for the chances of securing the Good End. Instead, pay to unlock each missed chat, and you will spend only 5HG to reload the save within 24 hours and a minute when you made this & resume where you are left off.

For instance, let us say it is morning on Tuesday in the real-world, and you are playing Day Two in the Mystic Messenger. You will save the game at 9:00 am and close your app. For a few reasons, you cannot play again for the rest of your day. Suppose you load the save at 11:00 pm on Tuesday, you will have missed plenty of chats. However, if you do not load your save ill 9:01 am on Wednesday, you will find yourself starting where you left– as if missed 24hours of the real-world time did not happen at all. Altering the system clock and using saves to cheat the system will result in the account ban. Never try to do it.

Tips to Have the Good Party Ending Through Mystic Messenger Emails

Here’re a few of the tips that you will find very helpful to have a successful & good party ending.

  • Invite several guests even though you think that they aren’t possibly like by the character that you are playing. Never be impatient in case there are not any guests coming on the first attempt of the invitation. At times, it takes some days to confirm attendance.
  • Participate in the chats & earn hearts. So, the hearts that you have earned will get exchanged in an hourglass that you may use for buying any extra packages in-game & unlock the story-related content.
  • 100 hearts will equal to 1HG/hourglass.
  • To get the high percentage of the good party ending, you can reply to the Mystic Messenger Emails rightly and goal for 3 green arrows. Never open final replies from your guests. On a final day (that is 11th day), save your game before the party. After saving, just open all the emails & go to the party. Then you will have a high chance that the party may end well.

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Bottom Line

We hope that in this guide, you can understand what is actually happening in this game or how to have a virtual good ending. If you do not remember which answer you must give to the character that you are speaking to, it is suggested to bookmark the page. Thus, you will have simple access to the right answers that you must provide to each email you get.

Also, check this video tutorial to solve your mystic messenger problems:

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