Best The Forest Mods For PC

It was the best time for “The Forest” game lovers when the game’s full version was released at the start of this year. The Forest is one of the popular survival games where you have to survive after waking up from a plane crash. It can be played as a multi-player where you survive together or single-player where you hunt down others. This game was published and fully developed by a Canadian video game developer. This game revolves around the story wherein a forested peninsula. The characters of the game are Eric Leblanc and his son Timmy. There are no set missions or scheduled quests.

The Forest Mods

In April 2018, the game was released in Windows Microsoft. There was a three-year-long gap. During that time players had to play the limited early access beta version. Till the end of 2018, the game had sold over five million copies. Players can now eve access to this game on PlayStation 4.

In this article, we have selected and handpicked some of the best The Forest Mods for PC so that you are always ready and equipped with the best. Get your luck and all of your survival instincts!

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Even your childhood cartoon Dora the Explorer carried the map! A map is very important as it helps to know your exact location. Also, all the servers of your co-players are connected and you can find them too. When the game starts, you do not have a map. You don’t know where you are wandering off to. And you are completely lost. The Map Mod can be downloaded from the Internet easily.

There are various advantages of having the Map and it is one of those mods which cannot be avoided at any cost. It is an essence of the game. The map will show you where you are currently located, where other caves or stashes could be found, where the deadly cannibals are roaming and located at the serve of the players if the game is in multiplayer mode. A map is important so you and your team does not become a victim of the cannibal filled forest.


This will be one of the most useful mods during the game. Yes, you got some things before but there is no harm in having more, right? The Inventory has all the items that the players collect and items that could be crafted as well. To access it you will have to press “I” key and most items will be equipped. The inventory will be your ultimate survival kit. You need to survive and the things you need are in here!

All the goods in there are rewarding. You have the right resources just right there in your bag! All you need are your craft skills to put them to work. The only drawback is that in case of the utmost emergency you will have to open your whole bag and take out your stuff.

You can add more items to the crafting section by right-clicking on that object. There’s a small sound effect when you open the inventory but that will not shoo away any creature or attract attention to you.

The Ultimate Cheat Menu

If you are someone who loves to cheat even during games, this is your best handy mod. As the name suggest this mod consists a list of all the cheats, you can use in the game. Cheating, in the long run, will become boring after a while because come on, you are cheating to win it! But it can be loads of fun too. You do absolutely whatever you want to do.

You can teleport yourself anywhere, one can vanish (invisible!), kill any animals or even enemies, decide your own time of the day, set the weather, fly in the sky and the best is spawn any amount of logs! Having all the chests at your hold can be a lot of fun.

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Tree Respawn

Did you know that at a default 10% of the trees respawn every night in the game? Well, even though the number may not be a lot for you. But a cleared up forest brings more danger on you. This is one of those magical mods which instantly helps us get a spontaneous growth of the trees.

Become a magician and press that command. You just have to click “Shift + R” and the magic happens. This one of the best mods of the game. So g on cut the trees down, but respawn them too!

Player Upgrade Points

The Player Upgrade Point is a game-changer in the game. It changes your style of playing and there is an absolute advantage in here. The RPG system is implemented where you can gain more experiences. With this, you can also level up at various stats. Players can gain more experience points by damaging the effigies or by killing their enemies when combating against different players.

You can even level up (even though there might be a level down in your stamina) by doing some of those action moves. There are various moves you can do to defend yourselves like, sprinting away, attacking the enemy, and jumping at heights, stamina regeneration, fall damage reduction and many others.

The Easy Building Home

A home is required in the game for your protection and shelter. Building a house in the game can be tedious but fun. Repetitively gong, coming back, doing all that work can be quite a tough job. Thankfully, there is a mod for that too! For the new players, this mod can be especially helpful when you are resting during the nights and need shelter and protection against those dangerous creatures that might roam in those woods.

But building those building can be one hard work. With the help of his mod, your work is almost cut down to half. It is with this mod that players quickly build their house and reap more logs.

Bigger Backpack

A Bigger Backpack is more important to carry loads of the things you carry. One drawback in the game is that the bag pack is small and one has to make multiple round trips back to the Building. With this mod installed in your game, you will not have to make trips again and again. If you want to maximize your bag pack to the fullest you can just type in the key 0 to your notepad and you get unlimited space.

Throw all your stuff in there! Or if you want to travel freehand, just type in -1 and you can disable your backpack completely. With the bigger backpack mod, you will work a little more efficiently.


Sometimes you want to play an absolute peaceful game. You don’t want those mutants or cannibals running after you, or any animal danger. Like real life, you just want to enjoy a peaceful life by the river with your in-game son. You do not want any monsters lurking beside your building either.

With this mod, you can decrease the spawn rates for all the different enemies you encounter with during the game. Or if you are in a mood to battle and fight around you can increase them too. Go for that bloodbath with all those enemies coming right at you. Maximize the number for a full-fledged war or decrease it to just zero if you want to peace. With this mod, the game is in your hand too.

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Longer Nights and Days

When you are a regular player of this game you want a little longer time for the night or the day to stay. Of course, we are not talking about the earth’s 12 hour day or the 12 hour night. But it should be a little longer, isn’t it? In the game, the day and night time does not last for longer than 10 or even 20 minutes maximum. With this mod, you can set your own time of day or night. You can double the length of that light or dark to have a more realistic experience.

These are some mods which will help you get through the game easily. The Forest is a great survival game and with these mods, you can get in there first and survive against those cannibals.

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