10 Best Fitness Trackers

In today’s era, it is very much necessary to keep a complete check over your fitness. Not only pollution is responsible for the bad health of the people but also the increasing workload is making people busy and they are not looking forward to their health. Therefore it is very much necessary to look forward to your health and fitness since ultimately it is going to help you to live happily and also earn more wealth.

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So if you are looking for some fitness trackers, you are looking at the right piece since following are some best fitness trackers and IWC watches that will keep you updated regarding your fitness and health:

1. Fitbit Versa

This fitness tracker has various unique features such as heart rate monitoring, altimeter, high battery life, music player, color screen, water resistance, and it is fully android with windows system as well.

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2. Fitbit Charge 3

No doubt that Fitbit charge 3 is an IWC watch you must have. It has a battery life of almost 7 days which is its special feature. It is also filed with some other unique features such as heart rate monitoring, grayscale screen, replaceable band, sleep tracking, etc.

3. Xiaomi Mi band 4

It is very much obvious that Xiaomi is itself a great brand which is coming up with the best electronics. Its watchband is one of its best products which are filled with various unique features such as six workout modes, battery life of almost 20 days, waterproof as you can wear it while swimming as well, smartphone notifications and many more. This electronic band by Xiaomi is really authentic and comes at a very reasonable and affordable price.

4. Garmin Vivosmart 4

This wonderful fitness tracker has a unique design. It has an ultra-lightweight design which hardly any IWC watch has. It is also designed with a premium health tracker system which really makes it different than the others. It also has a system of monitoring the energy of the person wearing it. It has an OLED screen which is its special feature. There is no better place to buy these watches other than the watch company.

5. Samsung Galaxy Fit

Samsung is one of the leading electronic brands and has very efficient products. One such product of Samsung galaxy fit watch which is highly durable and has a battery life of about 7 days. It is very light weighted and designed with special and unique features. It has a very impressive activity tracking suite.

6. Fitbit Inspire HR

This special fitness tracker is designed with features like GPS connection, durable battery, and a grayscale screen. This Fitbit Inspire HR tracker is mainly designed to monitor the heart rate activity of an individual. Best recommended one for patients who have heart issues.

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7. Fossil Gen 5 Smartwatch

This smartwatch by fossil has not only fitness tracking system but also comes up with features like google pay, multiple battery modes, color screen, etc. One of the biggest drawbacks of this smartwatch is that you can’t use this for tracking your sleep activity. Other than that, you can use this for other normal tracking things like activity tracker, heartbeat monitor, built-in GPS etc.

8. Samsung Galaxy Watch Active

This smartwatch features heart rate monitoring, 45 hours of battery life, music player, bright color screen, Samsung pay, GPS connection, etc. One of the main features of this tracker is water resistance. Moreover, this Samsung Galaxy Watch is IP Certified IP68. So you can blindly trust this device to track your fitness regularly.

9. Garmin Forerunner 245

with the battery life of almost 7 days, this smartwatch has a crisp and colorful display, detailed tracking of the performance, and also gets the smartphone notifications. The bright colorful display really makes you buy this smartwatch. You can even store good amount of your favorite music on this particular smartwatch. If you are a regular jogger, then this is the right fitness tracker for you.

10. Fitbit Inspire

This amazing smartwatch tracks the performance can be used while swimming and has replaceable bands and automatic exercise recognition as well. This particular fitness tracker uses SmartTrackĀ® to track your workout movements like walking, swimming, bike rides, etc. As this device has 5ATM water-resistant, you can use it directly when you take a shower or even when you swim. Really a good one if you are into water sports/swimmer.

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Hence, select the best fitness tracker to get your fitness performance and remain fit and healthy all the time. Hope you like our writing on this particular topic of 10 Best Fitness Trackers. Share your thoughts in the comment section given below. If you know any other best fitness trackers which top this top 10 list, then feel free to share about it in the comment section so that our readers will get to know about it.Ā 

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