11 Best Content Idea Generator Tools

Even if our heads are full of ideas, we often must use various sources, which then serve as the basis for the creation of various materials, articles, or social media posts. And even the best copywriters and content managers sometimes need help and inspiration, thanks to which they will begin to create.

Content Idea Generator

We present tools that can inspire you to create something original. This is a collection of 10 useful sources for each copywriter and content manager (but not just for them), thanks to which you will not only expand your knowledge but also be able to share with anyone you want.

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Google Trends/Reddit – catch a “hot” trend

News and article aggregators are a great way to see what the industry is talking about right now. Google Trends helps to understand what they are looking for and what they are talking about right now. On the service page, you can select an industry and a country and see what topics are currently popular. Get ready for everything from politics to the personal lives of stars.

Reddit has a large number of active users, so the content there is updated almost every second. The resource retained its old-school design, but in 2018 it was updated, and it became even more convenient.

This is a true open market for copywriters – inspiration is at every turn. Reddit doesn’t just keep up to date with trends, but it also helps to monitor people’s reactions to new topics. By observing how discussions are going on and new branches appear, you will understand at what angle it will be better to highlight the topic in your communication. If you want to test the idea, you can also add it on the platform, but carefully – brand-name promotion is prohibited here.

Writing services as a source of inspiration

Writing services will certainly help you if you don’t know what to write about. You can find them by such enquiries like “pay someone to do essay,” or “get writing help.” A lot of professional writers work there who are ready to help with writing. Moreover, such sites usually have interesting blogs where you can discover new facets of content writing.

Content on any topic – Trap.it

The creators of Trap.it describe it as one of the most powerful and intuitive tools, and in addition to providing rich content on almost any topic, it compares it so that it is suitable for your subsequent readers.

Trap.it is a collection of more than 100 thousand sources, ranging from blogs and news services to journalistic newspapers, so finding inspiration is always easy.

The many features in Quora

It is a very useful utility that, after creating an account, will open up many opportunities for you. Everyone can choose the category of interest to him or her, and then using the keywords, find the materials that are most interesting.

Of course, the creators did not forget about the newsletter format. Users who set up their account will receive a large number of interesting articles on topics that are marked accordingly.

Community Scoop.it

Each user working with the Scoop.it tool unwittingly becomes a member of a community in which they not only get inspiration, but also share ideas. Scoop.it gives you the opportunity to find many sections and also add your thoughts and your point of view to them. It also provides the opportunity to publish your work, in particular, on Facebook, Twitter, and LinedkIn.

Spundge – a smart Pinterest

At first glance, Spundge resembles Pinterest. However, in addition to searching for content, this tool learns and remembers what interests you most, so more effective results will appear at the top of the search list.

Learn from the best at Learnist

If you are going to learn, then you should do it from the best, right? It is for this purpose that Learnist demonstrates materials from experts and professionals who not only inspire, but also teach. Art, travel, business, industry – the volume of information of this resource is extremely wide, so everyone will find interesting topics and facts there.

Intelligent Curata

Curata is a tool that will save you a lot of precious time. How? It will do it through meeting your interests. Curata is actually an extremely intelligent tool that provides the user lists of only those materials that, of course, will be of interest.

Being a reporter on Storify

The creators of the Storify tool are trying to convey an idea – “today everyone can become a reporter.” Is it hard to deny it? Thanks to social media such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, each of us can publish content live.

Each of us can also immediately see these messages and be aware of interesting stories and news from around the world. It’s enough to use Storify, and an infinite amount of content can be within your reach.

IFlow – a source of powerful content

The iFlow motto says that you can discover powerful content, keep track of what interests you, and stay on the wave of information without the risk of drowning under it. It is these three aspects that determine iFlow. Users have the opportunity to choose which content is interesting to them, and on this basis, they can find interesting materials that will meet their needs.

Feedly – know what everyone is writing about

When the Google Reader RSS aggregator was shut down in 2013, it seemed that RSS feeds would soon disappear. But no – they are still very popular with those who work with content. It is one of the most convenient aggregators. It adapts to your interests and serves as a personal base of fresh news. Add any sites or blogs with RSS feeds – the service will instantly collect fresh content from them and add to your feed. You can also subscribe to keywords in Google Alerts and save the most interesting articles so that you can return to them later.

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Did you know that there are so many excellent sources of information that can serve you in finding ideas for creating something new? Thanks to these tools, you can also gain knowledge and, most importantly, share them it others.

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