Top 7 Apps for Health Enthusiasts

When it comes to health, there’s an alarming trend going on almost everywhere. In the United States alone, there are lots of people aged 45 to 64 who have type 2 diabetes. What’s even more shocking is that the age of onset for these diseases is getting lower by the years. Today, people as young as 18 can develop heart problems and diabetes.

Health Apps

Diabetes, high blood pressure, and these diseases are mostly developed through unhealthy lifestyles. With the way technology has given the ease with our daily tasks, the body no longer needs to work hard to avoid anything harmful to its health. Instead of walking to a restaurant nearby or just by merely cooking food, people order and binge eat. Instead of drinking water, people opt for soda. Instead of exercising, people rather couch surf.

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The lifestyle changes mentioned above are just a few of how technology can negatively affect our health. Thankfully, not all hope is lost. The same technology that helps us eat more and lead unhealthy lifestyles is the same technology that will help us become healthy.

Just by using a smartphone or a smartwatch, people can become healthy. These devices and watches that come from reliable brands such as Omega, are everyday items that most people have.

If you’re one of those people who are health-conscious and starting to make a change in your life, this article is for you. Here are some apps for people who want to make that healthy change in their life.

Nike+ Training Club

When it comes to sports, Nike is one of the biggest names out there. It’s no wonder why a company like Nike would develop an app for those who want to be healthy while doing sports. Nike’s Nike+ Training Club is an app that’s geared for beginners and pros alike.

The app has tons of 15-minute exercise sessions you can follow. You can even customize those sessions according to your level. Another great feature with the Nike+ Training Club is that the app allows you to add a customizable playlist. The app can also display a list of messages from your friends to encourage you along the way.


According to some studies, there’s a link between lack of sleep and diabetes. People who regularly lack the right amount of sleeping hours are more likely to develop diabetes. Thankfully, there’s an app that will help you monitor your sleep. SleepCycle helps you track hours of sleep, sleep quality, sleeping heart rate, and can even record snoring.

When you wake up, you can review all the details of your sleep on the app. Everything is so detailed that you’ll know what areas you’re having problems with. When you review the details on the SleepCycle app, you’ll also get a sleep rating on how good or bad your sleep was.


Another factor that increases the chances of developing diseases is the food that we eat. Most of the time, overeating causes obesity, which is a dangerous condition that one should avoid. As there is a lot of food readily available, it’s often hard picking out the right one.

To help you with that problem, apps like Fooducate are available for usage on any device. Fooducate helps people pick out healthier alternatives just by scanning an item’s barcode. From there, you get expert opinions, the pros and cons of eating that product, and a nutritional grade. 

Under Armour MapMyFitness

Aside from Nike, another household name in sports is Under Armour. They also have an app for health enthusiasts. MapMyFitness is a GPS controlled app that helps people keep track of the miles or activities they do.

With the app, you can also receive feedback and statistics on your progress. The app also allows you to create workouts. Aside from its features, MapMyFitness also enables you to share your progress with friends and family through social media.

Lumosity: Daily Brain Games

Being healthy means that you have a healthy body and a healthy mind. Lumosity: Daily Brain Games is an app that helps your mental abilities sharp. The app helps people gain knowledge and help improve problem-solving skills and critical thinking.

Charity Miles

Perhaps one of the best apps on this list, Charity Miles is a must-have for health enthusiasts who want to give back to the community. Charity Miles is an app that allows its users to keep track of their running. While running, the charity of the user’s choice earns money. When it comes to motivation, the app helps users go the extra mile for their chosen charity.


A lot of times, people often go online and search for symptoms about their condition. When they see something that scares them, they self-diagnose and end up doing anything against proper medical advice. Instead of asking Google about your symptoms, HealthTap is an app that you can rely on.

HealthTap connects users to any available licensed physician that will happily answer their questions. Got a question about your headache? Cough? How about that muscle pain you’ve been feeling for days? Go to HealthTap and get expert advice from doctors.

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In the latest Android 10 news, you can see that there are lots of apps that help people get healthy and fit. The apps mentioned above are great examples of how technology can help people become fit and avoid nasty illnesses such as diabetes and high blood pressure.

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