5 Best Mobile Apps To Monitor Your Kids Mobile Activities

Being a parent brings in plenty of happiness, but it also comes with a lot of responsibility for their growth. Growing children need plenty of care and importantly supervision particularly in times of the digital world as kids are highly prone to be trapped in open or hidden dangers of this technology.

Mobile Apps to Monitor Your Kids Mobile Activities

Many times we might have noticed that our kids generally tend to take this to their ego if their parents ever scold them and ask any questions relating to their activities or stop sharing the daily affairs with the parents. It is when the need for tracking your kid will become important as otherwise, you will not know what they want. There are many good mobile applications like https://cell-phone-spy-software.net/ are available online for keeping an eye on your child activities. Thus, in this post, we are going to share with you Top 5 mobile apps to monitor your kid’s activities on mobile.

1. FlexiSpy Monitoring

This cross-platform mobile monitoring app is a specialty of the FlexiSpy monitoring application that helps down to monitor your children’s phone activities like calls, SMS & WhatsApp chats. The most interesting characters of the FlexiSpy are you will be able to track 2 mobile phones at the same time with the GPS location & free mobile viewer application.

FlexiSpy Features

  • One can easily intercept or interrupt the live calls.
  • It is compatible with the Android device and jail-breaking not required for the iPhone.
  • Proves an expert for checking the instant messaging.

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2. ESET Parental Control App

ESET is one well-known app in the network security industry. This android application is coded specifically for the Android device. Making use of this application, you will remotely know where your child is right now. And you can download this free from the Google Play Store.

ESET Features

  • Keep eye on the web activities 24 by 7.
  • ESET allow the parent to block their applications on target device.
  • Locate location by using the ESET web-based

3. FamiSafe

FamiSafe is the best remote-based child monitoring application made for the smart devices running on Android and iOS. Engaging with the FamiSafe software, you may track down the right location of the iPhone device totally free. Besides location tracking, you can perform some other operations like access browsing history, usage history, or others. Making use of FamiSafe, you will protect your child from online harassment, predators, blackmailing, or other harmful threats.

FamiSafe Features:

  • Suppose you wish to track down your child iPhone device, you may easily view their real-time location of the target iPhone device or see former location history with FamiSafe.
  • Simple to block harmful websites like gambling and porn sites with the web filter or browser history checking.
  • Help your kids to build focus during the school and homework time by using the app blocking features.

4. Norton Family Premier

Norton app is the most popular and award-winning application that offers a wide range of parental control tracking systems for today’s parents. It gives you a free trial for over 30 days that helps you to decide on the purchase. It’s one amazing protection app for your children from the hackers and predators online as it shows as well as identifies the potential dangers or informs you about this beforehand.

Norton Family Premier Features:

  • It provides you the peace of mind since it blocks down unsuitable websites for your children and keeps you well informed of the website visits or sends alerts when your children try to access the blocked website.
  • It helps to supervise the time spent by using the internet just by scheduling the number of hours and weeks.
  • You may check the number of your children who have checked their Facebook account.
  • This protects sensitive and personal information on the smartphone as well as disallows your child to send this to somebody.
  • It helps to use or manage the security protection for your devices.

5. Spyzie Monitoring App

Last but not the least, Spyzie, is the best mobile monitoring application, and software that helps you to provide the right like browsing history, call history, media files, messages, chats, WhatsApp messages, or photos on the kid’s phone. This is compatible with many devices like iOS and Android and a single Spyzie account will be enough to begin monitoring your children.

Spyzie Features

  • Simple user-interface and operation.
  • With the GPS feature, one can track down real-time kid location.
  • With a smart schedule, you may lock or unlock your children’s phone from the remote location.

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Each parent is looking for ways to protect their family. We really hope these above details & feature of the best 5 parental control apps, helps you to select the best one for your family.

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