EmailChecker Review: An Intelligent Email Verification Solution

The need to verify emails is increasing drastically day by day. As the number of fake and alternate emails is being generated, it is very much necessary to identify these fake emails and discard them.

For all such remains, EmailChecker is one of the primary services to choose from. Just as the name suggests, this service checks each email address for proper verification.

EmailChecker Review

Read on to know about what exactly this service has to offer and how beneficial is it for the clients.


To avail the service, users will need to subscribe to a paid plan. As of now, the plans start at a bare minimum of 14 dollars. This includes the verification of about 1000 emails. Users can also choose the “pay as you go” plan. Other than this, subscription every month is also available. Users can also get free trials for verifying emails before they decide to pay for it.

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Verification Process

Real-time verification is done on each email, and verification is done through API. Platforms for programming, such as Python, Java, PHP, C, and so on also are supported for verification. 

Advantages of Using EmailChecker

For the email deliverability success, EmailChecker provides over 99 percent accuracy. Bulk verification is also available. This application also helps in segregating the legit domains form the fake ones. Spam keywords are detected, which results in improving accuracy. Role accounts detection is also present. For making a stronger verification process, catch-all accounts discovery is also there. Users are also helped with the detection of Disposable Email Address or DEA. 

Other advantages include the error correction feature through API. When invalid characters need to be removed, this feature can be beneficial. Any character that does not fit in the email address is detected. For making the application effective, users need not install or download EmailChecker in their device as well. For extra support, a 24×7 helpdesk is present.

Security of Data

Users using EmailChecker should not be worrying about their data. HTTP and HTTPS endpoints are both available, and users can disable HTTPS. Environment transport is checked by the Firewall, and SSL gets secured whenever needed. EmailChecker uses strong servers, and data access is strictly restricted. This does not apply to the server administrators of developers, though. Authorized people can access the data whenever it is required.

In EmailChecker, the data is secured and stored centrally in the EU. Replication of the data also takes place. Servers are processes and spread out in the US, EU, UK, and other regions for doing this. For any data that is processed beyond the EU, only the results are received, and the data is not stored. For accessing EmailChecker, the usernames and password of the users are needed. For further security, the data field has also been encrypted wherever required.

Other Advantages of EmailChecker

Another reason why EmailChecker is so popular is that it excels in the integration area. In most cases, it is seen that multiple customers come with multiple expectations. Hence, the options for integration need a lot of variety. With expert advice, mixes of many integration options are also used.

Users are also not troubled with the batch file submission anymore, as it is automatic with EmailChecker. When retrieval is required, it also can be done easily with the access of FTP for that specific account. This is done by mentioning the batch API. Alternatively, manual uploading can also be done, and this process is used in many conventional centers.

EmailChecker also provides excellent service when it comes to bulk API service. The application offers outstanding batch API service, and it has been created very carefully with the help of the materials and processes which are the same as the ones used for the B2B fast batch large lists processing.

On average, the recorded count per day reached over a million. Equally useful and prominent are the response codes used. In case a spam email or an unknown email is spotted, they are left out, and proper reasons are explained behind doing so. Users will find EmailChecker to be highly professional, and it comes with an easy to use dashboard.  

For the clients who want personal services, EmailChecker can provide that too. Staff members can be contacted live, and interactions with them can be carried out in a friendly and personal manner. Since the response is from an actual person and not an automated machine, the response is fast.

EmailChecker also comes with fast PI, which improves the application response time. Uptime and SLA are the strong points of EmailChecker, and the previous year has produced excellent results with 99.99 percent accurate figures. EmailChecker also comes with excellent documentation, and users are provided with a lot of codes that are counted as examples.

To make sure that the verification is done strictly and accurately, the Yahoo database verification is also done by EmailChecker. Users are presented with the option of verification to try it out for themselves with the real-time API. As a result, a high level of accuracy is always maintained.

Additional Features of EmailChecker

EmailChecker also comes with the exclusive catch-all verification. This is hugely beneficial to the users, as this provides extremely strong verification. The identification of hard bounces can also be made in this manner. 

When the verification process is being carried out, malicious emails are identified and prevented. Therefore, the use of false emails for signing up or registering an account on different websites gets prevented. EmailChecker also helps in retaining the proper customers. This is because when the spam emails are blocked, the customers can receive the notice and proper notification of the orders is delivered.

For the benefit of use, the EmailChecker dashboard is very simple to navigate and easy to use. Added customization is also supported. Another feature present in EmailChecker is the Drag & Drop, which supports an entire list to be dragged and dropped for verification. This helps in the active cleaning of the email list quite easily.

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Thus, we can see that EmailChecker has almost all of the necessary features required for properly verifying emails. Their pricing plans are good, their accuracy is high with verification through API, emails are blocked properly, and all false emails are identified. Hence, it is quite easy to clean the email list and improve the working procedure.

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