5 Ways on How to Transcribe Lectures Easily

For many students, transcribing lectures is an important issue because it’s quite useful to have all the lectures typed on paper. Needless to say, manual transcribing takes a pile of time, so this article can be very helpful for those young people who want to keep all the professors’ lectures for reading and memorizing. Nowadays, various computer applications help us with everything, and transcribing is no exception! If you’re looking for an answer to a question about how to transcribe lectures, use one of the apps listed below.

Transcribe Lectures

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  1. Otter. This application can be installed on both Android or iOS devices. Every month, you can use 600 minutes of recording to transcribe just for free. Pay your attention that the unused time cannot be used in the next month. If you need more than 600 minutes to transcribe every month, it’s possible to subscribe for money and get the needed options easily. Thanks to the “Record voiceprint” feature, this app recognizes the voice more clearly. Even words with a heavy accent can be transcribed without difficulties. 
  2. TranscribeMe. When you need to create a paper, you use a reliable writing service as WriteMyPaper4Me.org. And when you need to transcribe a lecture or a speech, we suggest using the TranscribeMe app. Download it without paying a cent, and use a trial version where a minute costs around $0.10. This application works on both iOS and Android. Thanks to its features and preferences, you can transcribe lectures very simply and fast.
  3. Temi. Install this application whether you have an Android or iOS device. It charges the fee of $0.10 for every transcribed minute. A great feature of this app is highlighting text that might be transcribed not precisely. It allows you to correct text to make your lectures perfectly written. Temi transcribes words with a heavy accent. If you want to try this app, just install a free trial version to understand if it suits your requirements.
  4. Voicea. Install this app on any device and transcribe your lectures without stress. Please pay your attention that Voicea cannot transcribe audio files created in other applications. It means you won’t be able to transcribe lectures made by your classmates. But in general, this is quite a useful app for students’ needs. It has only the most important features to transcribe lectures.
  5. Rev Voice Recorder. When you need a simple but effective application for transcribing lectures, install this one! It offers the first 10 minutes of transcribing for free. According to tests, this app transcribes words with both heavy and normal accents very clearly. Every user has to create their personal account before they start working with the application. Rev Voice Recorder doesn’t charge big fees, and it’s great for those students who want to save some money.

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We hope that our review of five apps was useful, and you have chosen a good application following your needs and budget. Transcribe your lectures without problems and be prepared for all college tests!

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