3 Best Bitcoin Hardware Wallets

One of the safest methods you can use to store your Bitcoin assets is by using the hardware wallet. Hardware wallets are specialized devices you can buy from certain hardware wallet producers, which will allow you to store your Bitcoin information to the hardware.

The device itself often resembles a USB thumb drive, and this device’s primary function is to keep your crypto information safe all the time.

With the hardware wallet, you can go offline and store your BTC information without worrying about potential hacking and cyberattacks. You will connect to the online wallets only when you need it.

So, you don’t need to keep the online connection all the time, thus, you can be at ease in knowing that your crypto investment is always safe with you.

3 Best Bitcoin Hardware Wallets

In this guide, you can find the 3 best Bitcoin hardware wallets you can use.

Should You Buy Bitcoin Hardware Wallets?

First, let’s answer the question before getting into the best Bitcoin hardware wallets you can buy: should you buy Bitcoin hardware wallets? The answer is yes if you have a good amount of crypto assets.

For beginner crypto traders, you might not need to have a hardware wallet for your crypto assets yet. But, as you grow your crypto assets, the need to keep them secure is growing.

Hardware wallets give you the best security for BTC and other crypto assets, so you will need it in your crypto trading journey.

However, buying a Bitcoin hardware wallet early on is the best way for you to secure your BTC and other cryptocurrencies in the long run.

Please also note that it’s quite a cheap investment for you to secure all your crypto assets today, as the price of the hardware wallet devices is quite affordable.

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Bitcoin Hardware Wallet #1 – Ledger Nano S

Ledger Nano S is a popular Bitcoin hardware wallet you can get today, which is the wallet that will help you prevent any hackers from messing with your Bitcoin and other crypto-assets.

With this device, you can store your private keys offline and only activate them when you need to make any transactions.

Here are some features you can expect from Ledger Nano S:

  • It connects with the Ledger Live app. Ledger Nano S has a native connection with the Ledger Live app, allowing you to secure your crypto assets further. The app gives all the important features for you to use the hardware wallet and manage your assets.
  • It supports Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Ledger Nano S supports various cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum code, Bitcoin Cash, Stellar, and many others. So, you can keep all your crypto assets safe in one place.
  • You can manage your crypto assets anytime. With the Ledger Live app, your crypto assets are secure, and you can manage them anytime you want. This hardware wallet gives you the ultimate convenience in your cryptocurrency management.
  • Each of your Bitcoin transactions will go through the Ledger Nano S. Any transaction that you make using your crypto assets will get approved by the Ledger Nano S first. So, there will be no unauthorized transactions happening for your BTC and other cryptocurrencies.
  • Various design options. There are various design options you can choose for the device, such as matte black, flamingo pink, transparent, and others.

Official URL: Ledger Nano S

Bitcoin Hardware Wallet #2 – Trezor One

Trezor One is the Bitcoin hardware wallet that is secure to use, and it is also cheaper than the competitors. However, the cheap price doesn’t mean that it lacks the features the competitors offer in a hardware wallet.

With Trezor One, you can keep your Bitcoin assets secure without risk, and it comes with support for over 1000 coins.

Here are the features you can expect from Trezor One:

  • Simple, secure, and convenient. Trezor One is a simple hardware wallet for your Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, which will secure your assets and make them easy to access anytime from any device.
  • Secure Bitcoin assets with no complicated steps. The technology behind Trezor One allows you to secure your Bitcoin assets with ease. It stores your private keys in one safe place away from hackers.
  • U2F security system. It has an advanced security system called U2F, allowing you to know about every transaction you need to approve. The display on this device tells you what transaction you need to approve and from which service.
  • Multiple OS supports. Trezor One supports multiple operating systems, meaning you can connect this device to Windows, Mac, Linux, and mobile devices with ease.
  • 1000+ coins support. It supports various cryptocurrencies, so you can keep all your crypto assets secure in one place.

Official URL: Trezor One

Bitcoin Hardware Wallet #3 – KeepKey

Another great hardware wallet for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies you can use is KeepKey. This hardware wallet gives you plenty of security features that ensure you can keep all your crypto assets safe offline, away from any cyberattacks, malware, and hackers.

It has a sleek and modern design, and it has a wide display area to give you ideas about any transaction you made with your crypto assets.

Here are some features you can get from KeepKey:

  • Integration with ShapeShift. ShapeShift is the crypto platform integrated with KeepKey, which allows you to access and manage your crypto assets all in one dashboard.
  • Easy recovery process for your private keys. KeepKey can generate the recovery sentence that you can use to retrieve your private keys, which is useful if you lose or break the KeepKey device.
  • It supports over 40 cryptocurrencies. Popular cryptocurrencies are available for you to access and manage using this device.
  • You can protect every transaction with a PIN. Each transaction will require a PIN that you need to enter to approve it. This allows you to protect your crypto assets from any unauthorized transactions.
  • You can also have unlimited wallet addresses. KeepKey allows you to have unlimited wallet addresses in one device, so you don’t need to buy another device just to store more wallet addresses.

Official URL: KeepKey

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These are the best Bitcoin hardware wallets you can use today. The best thing about them is that you can also store other cryptocurrencies aside from Bitcoin in one device. So, no need for you to buy another device just to store another crypto asset there.

Hardware wallets can keep your cryptocurrencies secure all the time. So, consider using it if you are serious about your crypto investment.

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