How to Select the Best Magento 2 Development Company for your E-commerce Project?

Despite all its complexity, Magento is becoming more and more popular among clients who want to generate an online store or any other high-load online project. Accordingly, the amount of contractors is also increasing.

In order not to be mistaken and choose a truly reliable and expert performer, like magento development services by Elogic, the client should understand whichever points to pay consideration to.

How to Select the Best Magento 2 Development Company for your E commerce Project

Official partnership with the Magento platform

To obtain companion status, organizations undergo a series of checks by the head office of Magento Inc., including:

  •   key feature level;
  •   availability of developed plans of particular complexity and value;
  •   the presence in the team of employees with Magento certifications;
  •   customer reviews.

Successful passing of all checks supplies the contractor firm the status of “Partner”, which is proof and evidence of its competence.

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Availability of Magento Documents

Few Magento developers are accredited. In most cases, this is because in order to obtain certificates, you require to undergo complex training and final examination in a special center. When choosing contractors for fruitful cooperation, pay attention to those who can document their experience and qualifications.

Magento certification is an international system for assessing the information of developers running with this platform. There are 4 kinds of Magento certificates:

  1. Magento resolution expert means that the developer has an in-depth understanding of the capabilities of this cms and may customize it.
  2. Magento front-end developer confirms that a specialist can produce and customize program ideas that will operate perfectly on each kind of device.
  3. Magento certified developer indicates that a developer can build a back-end online store on the magento platform, taking into description the philosophy of the core, backgrounds of repayment and delivery systems, and the requirement for extra combination with modules of other developers, etc. this is the most optimal Magento certificate, demonstrating intense the developer’s understanding of the program and his knowledge to operate with code.
  4. Magento certified developer plus is the most modern document that confirms that the developer has a profound knowledge of the Magento project number.

An essential sign: only firms that have Magento partner status and their employees are eligible to be tested for the understanding of this CMS. Therefore, when creating an Internet plan based on the Magento 2 platform, you simply cannot do externally approved developers who have undergone proper education and professional training.

Practice with Magento

While picking a contractor organization, pay consideration to the period that it runs with the platform. The practice of the developers determines what problems they can solve and in what time frame. This will provide you with withdrawal from various difficulties in the future. Tip: Review the contractor’s portfolio carefully.

Warranty & support

Online stores performed based on Magento differ in functionality, so it is necessary to calculate an additional estimate even at the planning stage. This will provide you to maintain the project after its release. Avoid partnerships with organizations that do not have the option of supporting a project.

Also, pay consideration to the availability of a guaranteed time for the work of programmers. As a custom, it is 6 months from the date of the planned launch.


One of the essential principles when picking a contractor firm is the portfolio of projects. You have taken the best way if, while viewing the documents, you savored some of the cases, and you had a desire to build a related scheme.

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Feedback Chance

The capacity to ask the developer about any issue regarding the plan and get a qualified and complete solution is an extremely essential component. Be sure to take it into record when taking a team with which you will participate in the eventuality.

Supplementary benefits of the development group are the presence of a manager who will lead the scheme and a team of examiners. You should also take into record the competitiveness of the offer, choosing a more suitable option for yourself.

Guided by the listed parameters and taking into account all the nuances, you will choose a reliable qualified contractor with whom you can work fruitfully for many years.

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