Unsure of How to Prepare Your Slideshows? Here are the Best Tools That will Help You In Preparing Slideshows!!!

With video being the most dominating form of content, today, there is immense competition in the world of video creation. The decrease in the attention span of the average viewer, coupled with an increase in the availability of video content, has made it imperative for brands to come up with high-quality videos.  

Photo slideshows are just as popular in grabbing the attention of the target groups.

Often it is seen that high-quality slideshows that have appropriate music and images are more effective in attracting potential customers.

Considering that you can make a slideshow from images that you already possess, there is a minimal investment in coming up with promotional slideshows.

These days, there are several free slideshow making tools like InVideo, and that makes it difficult for you to make a pick. To help you through that, we have curated a list of the top 8 free slideshow making tools for you to choose from.

Unsure of How to Prepare Your Slideshows Here are the Best Tools That will Help You In Preparing Slideshows

MiniTool MovieMaker

One of the latest video editing tools, here you can prepare a slideshow by selecting one of the pre-designed templates and importing your images or clips into the placeholders. The template will have several title slots, and you can drag and drop them around, edit the font, and others to customize it to your taste.

MiniTool MovieMaker is a simple tool targeted at beginners and is one of the few free video editor online tools that do not leave a watermark on the finished video.

A simple tool, this does not take up too much memory and is highly recommended for people who are keen to prepare a slideshow on a system that does not have a high configuration. This works well in Windows 7, XP, and 10 versions.

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Icecream Slideshow

One of the simplest-to-use slideshow tools, this tool allows one to make a video of a photo and then add audio files and text to it. You can add multiple audio files to your slideshow or have a playlist for the entire video.

The tool comes with prompt online support and lets you upload the video directly to Google Drive, YouTube, or Dropbox. Once your video is ready, you can save it in the Icecream slideshow making tool for future reference.


For apple users keen on a clean and elegant surface to create their slideshows, iMovie remains the preferred choice. This tool is optimized to work on all modern Mac devices and allows you to not just import but also edit and scrub through 4k videos of any duration.

The professional-looking themes and trailers allow beginners to stand out and create poignant footage even without any background knowledge of video editing.


With more than a hundred transition effects and 165 photo filters to its credit, Movali is one of the best tools for creating professional-looking slideshows. This tool works in both Windows and Mac systems.

Although it does not have the provision of changing backgrounds or posting your videos through email, Twitter, or Facebook, it is the ideal choice for people who want to upload their videos directly to their YouTube accounts.

Movali is one of the few free tools that allows one the provision of screen capturing.

Windows Video Maker

If you are looking for a slideshow maker that allows you to directly publish your slideshows on YouTube, Facebook, OneDrive, Flickr, or Vimeo, then the Windows Video Maker is your go-to tool.

This tool has some of the finest voiceover and audio functions inbuilt, and the intuitive interface makes sure that you do not face any inconvenience even if you do not have much audio editing experience.

The transition effects of the Windows Movie Maker are impressive, and you can always preview the effects and transitions before taking the final call.

Proshow Gold

This is one of the few versatile tools that cater to the needs of professionals as well as that of inexperienced users.  The tool comes with a host of options for slideshow creation, thus giving you a lot of scopes to express your creativity.

Although it does work like other video editors, you need to realize that Proshow Gold has many functionalities that you may not find initially.

As you work on the tool, you will explore its functions and learn more about the art of slideshow making. For businesses that want to expand their video marketing in the future but do not have much editing knowledge, to begin with, this is the perfect tool to consider.

Photostory Deluxe

If you are a serious photographer or GoPro user looking for a tool with an extensive editing tool, then Photostory Deluxe is a worthy option for you.

With hundreds of ed transition effects, backgrounds, and filters, this tool covers all that you need to create a professional-looking aesthetic project.

Although the basic tool is free, you need to pay for additional graphics, transitions, and music options. Photostory Deluxe also has a telephonic support service for its premium customers.

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CyberLink Media Show

CyberLink Media Show is especially useful for organizations that need to prepare a large number of videos regularly. Here, there are several options for you to categorize your images and videos and organize them systematically.

A versatile application, there is a lot of room for applications. The fact that you can directly upload the videos created here to any website makes it a preferred choice for busy businesses.

The icing on the cake is the fact that there is little to no lag and the high processing rate ensures that your work is completed in a much shorter time.

With tools like these one here, it is easy to create a slideshow and present it in front of an audience. If you are a business, chances are that preparing a slideshow is not a one-time thing for you.

In such a case, it is recommended that you stick to one tool for all your slideshows. By spending more time on a tool, you will learn the finer nuances of it, which will allow you to improve your overall editing skills.

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