EV Charging Station As a Business

Do you know that you can use EV charging stations not only to feed your cars but make money? Indeed, with EV charging stations, you can run a business of great opportunities! Moreover, the business is available not only for companies with commercial EVSE but for individuals with home EV chargers as well.

Click here to learn about EV charging solutions you can opt for starting your EV charging business. And read further to explore more about making a business with EV charging stations.

EV Charge Station

Business with EV charging stations in a nutshell

In short, doing business with an EV charging station is about renting it out to EV drivers, so they can top up their electric vehicle batteries. In other words, EV drivers use your EV charging facilities and pay you money for this amenity.

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Note, when using an EV charging station as a business, you make money not by reselling electricity. In fact, you make money by providing power supply access with your EV charging equipment. For this, you can charge the following fees:

  • Access fees for connecting a vehicle to the power supply through your equipment
  • Parking fees for staying on your parking during a charging session
  • Idle fees for occupying your parking slot while not charging

To sum up, a part of the money you get for the amenity you provide compensates for electricity bills that rise during an EV charging session. And another part, the fees you charge, goes as compensation for your expenses to arrange a charge point and as your profit.

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How to start EV charging station business?

Starting a business with EV charging stations is easy. You can start with just one station or install more units. The only requirement here is having sufficient dedicated parking space and power capacity. 

If you already installed an EV charger for your own use, you will have no other expenses to incur when converting your personal charge point into a public one. If you haven’t got an electric vehicle yet and, thus, haven’t got any EV charging facilities, there will be some expenses for arranging a common charge point. However, as you will soon need this charge point for your own use (for example, due to the petrol car ban in 2030), arranging a charge point is just a matter of time. 

So, it is true to say that making a business with one EV charging station requires little to no upfront costs.

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