How To Make Your Essay Spotless Using Writing Software?

The essay only seems to be easy to write. You may think that all you have to do is to see a topic and start writing. However, everything is not that simple. Many people consider the essay to be a small research paper because it requires the writer to spend a significant amount of time gathering information, making an outline, and organizing the thoughts in a proper way.

Writing Software

That’s why when you start writing an essay, you may not hope that you’ll deal with it in 2-3 hours. If you’re running out of time and have to submit the paper, we advise you to use one of the top writing services to get high-quality assistance. 

None of us is born with perfect writing skills, and all students should remember it. Having strong and weak sides is normal, as well as using technologies to improve your skills and save your time. When you’re a student, you are surely burdened by the mountains of other assignments you should do, lectures you should attend, and the information you should remember. Spending several days on one single paper may seem a stupidity. Devices and software entered our lives several years ago and took an important place there. Why not take advantage of it?

If you think that online academic writers perform well because of their vast knowledge and experience, you’re partly right. But even they have small secrets that make them work more effectively and create high-quality papers much faster. There’s nothing illegal in attempts to assist yourself. Here are the best essay writing tools that will maximize your productivity and improve the quality of your writing, especially in the long term.


You’ve heard about this app even if you’re not a professional writer and if you don’t deal with essay writing frequently. However, try to use the browser extension at least once, and you’ll never agree to delete it. The free version lets you both detect and correct mistakes in the process of writing and to edit the whole text separately. The automatic detection of mistakes lets you save time on further editing.

Grammarly may help you to avoid misspelling, lexical, syntactical, and grammar mistakes. The premium version gives advice on the clarity and conciseness of your message, helping you to make the essay more engaging. You may also download the app on your mobile phone and avoid mistakes while texting to people. The app is available both for Android and IOS devices.

Hemingway App

If you want to improve the quality of your writing and make the audience read your paper without stopping, the Hemingway App can assist you in reaching your aim. This software can polish the text and make it perfect. All writers know that using different types of sentences and simple words is the secret of success.

But rereading the text several times in a row to detect the confusing parts and edit them is too boring and time-consuming. Artificial intelligence can make it easier. Hemingway App detects the following mistakes:

  • Wrong sentence construction;
  • Redundant use of passive voice;
  • The abundance of complex sentences;
  • A large number of weak adverbs.

Perfect Tense

This app is similar to Grammarly. The perfect tense is an intelligent spelling and grammar checker whose algorithms girl the perfect results in a short time. It detects mistakes on any website. Unfortunately, it’s not free, but the cost of the subscription isn’t so high as it might be.

The yearly plan costs approximately 100$. Each user can enjoy the 5-day trial period to evaluate the quality of the app’s work and decide whether he or she needs to buy it or not.

Writing While Listening

Focus Writer

Focus Writer is the software, highly appreciated by many writers. If usual text editors can’t motivate you and you always get distracted by any things and notifications, this app will help you to focus your attention on writing. Here users can hide away the unnecessary elements of the interface and simply do their job.

It’s also called a distraction-free interface. It supports all basic types of text files and lets users customize the interface, change the wallpapers, and so on. If your paper has a word limit, set a notification, and the app will inform you when you reach it.


This company created a lot of useful products for writers. Those who write academic papers should care about the uniqueness of the text. But not all anti-plagiarism software work as well as desired. You may check the uniqueness online or download the Advago Plagiatus into your PC.

But be sure that Advego carefully checks each text and can detect the use of paraphraser and other software that aims to increase the text uniqueness. There you also can carry out a semantic analysis of the text: define the number of keywords and their frequency in the text.


If you want to try a new app to detect mistakes, use ProWritingAid. This software is considered to be the competitor of Grammarly. A lot of people who create reviews on such software have already compared their functionality. We advise you to use each app for some time and decide what is better for you. But this writing assistance is rated highly, so you may be sure of the quality of its work. It’s also based on Artificial Intelligence that helps writers detect the following issues:

  • Cliches;
  • Repetitiveness;
  • Grammar;
  • Spelling;
  • Overused words;
  • Style.

Moreover, it gives you the readability score. Explanations of your mistakes are irreplaceable because they help people improve their writing skills.


Proper citing is one of the most important stages of writing, which mostly determines the final grade. If you hate composing your biography, try to use Zotero. It’s an open-source project that lets users collect research sources. Moreover, you can organize them in any way you like, cite and share with other people who experience the same problems as you.

If you’re new in computer programming, you may need time to figure out what it is. However, there are lots of training videos on YouTube, so they’ll surely help you. Try to use Zotero at least once, and you’ll never want to do this freaking annoying job by yourself.

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