How to Make Your House a ‘Smart Home’?

Have you ever felt like your home is missing something? I mean it may look cool and have a good design, like pillows matching with pictures on the wall, etc. But somehow this is not enough like there is room for improvement. Well, maybe the answer is that you should get some smart home gadgets that will automate even the basic processes of your home and with the help of these electric devices you can feel that your home isn’t just aesthetically pleasing but it really feels like a home. You will see that after a short time due to these gadgets your time spent in your “new” smart home will feel even better.

Smart Home

But first, prepare…

Before you get these gadgets there are some things that you should do. First of all, gadgets are all electronics, so they are working with electricity. Therefore you will need a good cable management system. Make sure that your extension cords are not overloaded in any way, they are in good condition and they are well hidden.

There are many ways to hide those cords, the easiest way to run them at the back of furniture, but if there is no possibility for this you can buy extension cord hiders. These come in all colors so you will be able to match it with the design of your home.

The second thing you should do is invest in a good router. Aside from electricity, these devices are really internet dependent, and if your family already has 3 or 4 mobile phones, and some PC’s don’t expect that these gadgets will work properly. This can really improve your time spent on the internet.

And now the Gadgets:

Smart TV

Let’s start with the most common one, the Smart TV-s. Maybe some of you don’t watch TV because you can get your news or TV series from other sources. But on a Smart TV, you can do so much more than that because they can connect to the internet. But without even the internet you can use them to play console games or just to watch some movies on your laptop. But smart TV is best used on the internet.

You can watch all your favorite series from Netflix or anywhere else, and you can also browse on the internet with it. And now you can even use these TVs to browse on the internet, and to make it more interactive you can access some basic online games as well like different arcades, puzzles, or maybe even slots.

Smart Lock

The main purpose of TV is entertainment, but this one is for your safety. A smart lock is best used paired with a video doorbell. This way you have a visual about who enters your house and you can control their access from your smartphone. For example, if you go on a holiday and your neighbor comes to feed your pet it’s way easier and secure to do the whole thing.


This one isn’t really specified for your home but it can be a great way to remotely access the different smart gadgets in your home. Most of the smart gadgets can be controlled via your smartphone, thus you can control them via a smartwatch as well.

You will feel just like a secret spy that communicates and controls everything with his smartwatch. But buying a smartwatch just for home would be nonsense. You can use your watch for communication even outside your home. For example, you can instantly read your messages, receive calls, etc.

Smart Assistant

A smart assistant or as many of you know virtual assistants is a form of the software inside a device. They are well known from smartphones and devices under the name of Alexa, Siri, Cortana, Google Assistant. They can perform tasks or services depending on the device you’re using them. If you have them only on your phone they can do tasks only within your phone. But if you have a smart speaker that is connected wirelessly on other devices such as the thermostat, the blindfold on your window, etc they can perform other tasks.

If you saw Iron Man is exactly the way Jarvis was for Tony Stark, only your virtual assistant won’t turn into a superhero. Basically what they do is to create a link between us and smart technology software and inside the different hardware. A few examples about what they can do: give you hands-free control, answer your questions, get recommendations (restaurants, music, movies, you name it), place calls on your behalf, establish home automation, handle translations and conversions.

Kitchen Gadgets

And last but not least let’s move into the kitchen. With these, you can use the technology of the internet to reduce the work that goes into preparing anything inside the kitchen. You can use a smartphone app to remotely access your kitchen devices or you can set a routine like to have freshly brewed coffee every morning at 7 o’clock. Perhaps you know one or two smart kitchen gadgets but let me enlist the most popular with a few details about what they can do. And who knows, maybe you like one of them.

First, there is the Smart Cooker (usually has multiple different presets to cook rise, potato, different meats), Smart Refrigerator (numerates the things in your refrigerator and lets you know if you’re going to run out of something), Smart Chimney ( lets you control the chimney from anywhere, sends out regular alerts to remind you to clean the chimney), Smart Water Purifier (can pour out exactly that amount of water that you need, for ex. 1 cup, 0,5L, etc.), Smart Coffee Maker (based on the model can make you different types of coffee, you can set the coffee to a specific date, lets you know if it runs low on water, coffee, milk).

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