11 Best Sites Like KissCartoon to Watch Cartoons

Digital content is loved by many worldwide. It is addictive to some extent. There has been a huge spike in the consumption of digital content this year.

Best Sites Like KissCartoon to Watch Cartoons

The statistics are proof. With streaming giants constantly adding fresh movies and shows, the complete indulgence of an individual is guaranteed. Shows, movies, and, series are an escape from the dark, depressing reality for many.

The needs of every viewer are met as there is a vast collection available based on every genre. The best part is, there is no hassle of maintaining a truckload of Digital Versatile Discs (DVDs) anymore.

Most of the content available on these streaming giants have to be bought using a monthly or yearly subscription. While some viewers find it worthwhile, some do not.

Nevertheless, there is no option of choosing a free subscription which includes advertisements automatically in most of the sites either.

In this case scenario, a viewer is left with no other option but to look for free content elsewhere. There are plenty of websites that offer free digital content on the World Wide Web.

In the sea of digital content, animated shows/movies is a well-acclaimed genre that is proclaimed by many.

KissCartoon is an online streaming site that specializes in this genre.

What is KissCartoon?

KissCartoon is an online streaming website that contains numerous popular animated TV shows and movies. It is well organized and easy to access. It offers High Definition (HD) content for free of cost on all devices.

Streaming giants cannot offer HD content on smartphones without a Google Widevine L1 certification.

A KissCartoon app is also prevalent for immediate access to content without any disturbance. The KissCartoon app is a definite upgrade over the website considering it is just two taps away.

It is best to use a Virtual Private Network (VPN) while browsing through such websites. Using a VPN will mask one’s location making it difficult to pinpoint the exact location of the user.

There are a bunch of alternatives to KissCartoon which are also considered to be illegal. We shall be discussing a few of the best alternatives to KissCartoon.

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What are the best alternatives to KissCartoon?

While KissCartoon is reliable with various active mirror links to the website, it is always good to have a backup. Here are some of the best KissCartoon alternatives:

1. The Pirate Bay

TPB is a household name that contains innumerable torrent files. It allows users to download these torrent files through a magnet or direct link. It contains a wide spread of cartoon shows and movies including anime.

It is one of the most popular websites amongst users. It is the one-stop destination for other virtual requirements as well. It is best coupled with the BitTorrent application that makes the process of downloading faster and easier.

2. AnimeToon

This website is one of the polished websites having an exclusive Android application. The application has to be downloaded from a third-party source and is not available on the Google Play Store. It is an organized row and column-wise which is a plus point. It also has dubbed versions of various cartoons.

3. PSARips

This website is completely dedicated to movies, shows, and series. The majority of the content offered by this website is encoded in 8bit or 10bit making it a delight to watch to the eyes. Furthermore, even 4K quality is available on popular shows/movies making it one of the premium websites.

It contains plenty of anime and cartoon shows/movies in high quality. The best part is that it offers an impeccable video quality at a low file size. There is no compromise in the level of quality whatsoever. It is fueled by advertisements but is not bloated by it.

4. KissAnime

As the name suggests, KissAnime and KissCartoon are a part of the same family. The interface of both of these websites is similar to each other. This makes it easy for the pre-existing users of the original website to use it. It specializes in Japanese anime apart from the various other cartoon shows offered by it. 

5. Yify torrents

Known for quick and easy downloads, Yify torrent is a reliable source for cartoon shows and movies. It is one of the oldest in the game and has been taken down multiple times. It also boasts an android application. It contains a magnet and direct download link in accordance with the preference of the user.

It is best coupled with a torrent downloader. The quality offered is great while the file size is compressed. The user interface definitely deserves some applaud.

6. Fmovies

A user-friendly experience, attracting users with the collection it has to offer. Fmovies offers an application like experience where content can be directly watched online. Apart from online viewing, content can also be downloaded and watched later at ease. It also has various dubbed versions of popular anime, manga, and cartoon shows.

7. Lime Torrents

Similar to TPB, lime torrents has a huge database of content to offer. This includes software, games, TV shows, songs, and movies. It is an all in one package and works best with a torrent downloader. 

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8. Cartoon Network

It is the most popular TV channel loved by millions globally. It has expanded its database to the digital world. Many cartoon shows are available to watch on its website for free. The experience is buttery smooth. It is also completely legal and safe to use. 

9. KickAss torrents

The age-old rivalry between TPB and KAT is known to all. The closest competitors to each other in the field of piracy. Loved by users worldwide, KAT has been around for a while. It has also been banned in various countries. 

10. YouTube

While many of us fail to realize it, YouTube offers tons of content free of cost. It is legal and safe to use. Numerous cartoon movies and shows are available to watch or download offline. It might not contain everything that one requires, yet it is a good bargain.

11. AnimeStory

With a wide range of shows, it is an option to consider. It also contains dubbed versions and subtitles to complete the requirement of every user. Users can also make requests prompting the type of content to be uploaded on the website.


There are a variety of options to consider in today’s date. Every user has different requirements. One can choose the website based on the user interface, quality of content offered, and accessibility. While most of these websites are fueled by advertisements, an advertisement blocker can be used.

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