Entertainment for Everyone: 6 Best Movie Applications to Have In Your Android Device

A lot of us today are stranded at home due to the sudden existence of a particular virus named Covid-19. Many reports said that this pandemic might stay longer; thus, this deadly virus puts all of us in a stagnant predicament, pushing us to search for things that will entertain us during our extended stay at home. What are the possible things we can do to stop the boredom from eating us? If there’s any, will it entertain us until this crisis reaches its end?

Movie Applications Android Device

One of the useful things we can do to divert our attention from the depressing news all over the world is to binge-watch our favorite shows. There are hundreds of films on the web right now, but it only leads us to the wrong links. The safest thing we can do to avoid this situation is to download the app. Below are some suggested applications you can download for your Android phone.

OneBox  HD

Binge-watching is the closest thing to our souls since we have the Internet and mobile phones right in our hands; OneBOx HD is one of the free movie apps for android devices right now. This application offers you the latest movies and TV shows; aside from that, you can freely decide the type of film you want to watch, whether it is action, comedy, documentary, adventure, horror, or history.

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Bee TV

I knew all along that you’ve been praying to watch movies that offer a high definition quality; gladly, we have Bee TV that will make your dream come true. Films are classified in different genres allowing you to search for videos easily, plus you can play and download it with or without subtitles.

MegaBox HD

Many of us are getting tired and annoyed with watching movies, mainly because of the ads; luckily, we have MegaBox HD that will not spoil our movie marathon since it does not provide any advertisements. We can watch movies in 360p, 720p and even 1080p resolution, amazing, isn’t it? This app does not require us to subscribe; we can easily download films and TV shows and choose one from the available subtitles any time we want.

Sad to say, this application is not available in Google Play, but the silver lining is that we can still download it in our Android device using the apk file. You can now watch your all-time favorite films, Buddy!

Cyberflix TV

We’ve been browsing classic films or movies that are only available in Netflix or Hulu applications; fortunately, we have Cyberlink TV in us that does not require us any subscription. Aside from that, it provides a video link for each movie that comes with 1080p and 720p resolutions. You can watch it with your family by connecting it to your smart TV.

Tubi TV

If you are fond of watching indie movies and TV shows, but can’t find any good films, Tubi TV provides you all of these things. What’s good about this application is that you can choose different genres, such as comedy, family, action, horror, romance, sci-fi, and even fantasies. You can have this app through downloading it from your Google Play or Apple Store.


There are lots of unfamiliar indie films today, but through downloading SnagFilms, we are able to watch thousands of it. The good thing this app offers is that it provides us award-winning content and other genres that are in line with our taste. It also features LGBT, Latino, climate change and the environment, immigrant stories as well as African movies.

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Our Android phones are our best friend, let’s make use of it through entertaining ourselves in the middle of the crisis. Our phones provide us some of the applications that allow us to search for movies we’ve been dying to watch before, but we are unable to view it because of our busy schedules. Now, we’ve got all the time to watch the pending films; keep on spotting the best videos, Pal!

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