The Top 7 Interview Questions That Your PHP Developer Candidate Should Answer Easily

If you want to hire a PHP developer, then you need to be prepared to ask them the right questions before you hire them. A good PHP developer can significantly improve your coding, which could translate to a lot more business for you.

If you do not have experience with PHP yourself, then it is a good idea to make notes of a few sample technical questions you can ask. It is essential to gauge how confidently your candidate answers these questions because it indicates how well-versed they are with this programming language. 

If you need developers who know PHP as well as our expert WordPress developers, then you should frame your questions accordingly. 

Here are the top seven PHP-related questions you can consider asking to hire PHP development teams

The Top 7 Interview Questions That Your PHP Developer Candidate Should Answer Easily

What can you use Mbstring for? 

Non-ASCII strings are handled in PHP using the extension Mbstring. Multibyte specific string functions are given by Mbstring so that multibyte encodings in PHP are treated. 

Multibyte encoding systems are those that are used by conventional byte-wise coding systems to express greater than 256 characters. Mbstring deals with encodings that are based on Unicode. 

These encodings include UTF-8 and USC-2. They also include many single-byte encodings. These encodings can be to meet the PHP Character Encoding Requirements. 

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Some of the other features of Mbstring are: 

  1. It allows for the character encoding conversion that can be done between different encoding pairs.
  2. It delivers automatic encoding conversion that can be done between different encoding pairs.
  3. It helps function overloading feature that allows you to include multibyte conversion to regular string functions.
  4. It helps with multibyte specific string functions used to detect the ending or beginning of a multibyte character.

How can PHP be used? 

PHP or Hypertext Preprocessor is a coding language used to make web applications. It is an open-source script that is also server-side. 

The webpages are usually made using HTML. PHP web applications run through the user’s internet browser. 

Further, when using a server-side PHP language, the script itself is executed on the server first before being executed on the web browser. 

This language is considered to be both user-friendly and programmer-friendly. It is also versatile and can be used in conjunction with databases such as MySQL, Oracle, and more. 

PHP can be used in almost any operating system, including Windows, macOS, Linux, UNIX, and Solaris. It also supports several types of web servers that include Apache and IIS. 

When a developer uses PHP, they also have the freedom of choosing the web server and the operating system.

Web development through PHP

Command Line Scripting

By using only the PHP parser, this type of web development can be done by simply using the PHP script. There is no need to use the browser or the server. 

This kind of PHP script is for quick and uncomplicated processing tasks. 

Server-side scripting

This is one of the main areas of web development that is done by using PHP. Such web development makes use of three primary tools, which are the web browser, the PHP parser, and the webserver. 

Desktop Application Development

PHP can also be used to create user-facing applications that can run on the desktop. 

These applications usually use a Graphic User Interface that allows users to interact with the program easily. Any client-side applications developed using PHP may require knowledge of advanced PHP tools such as PHP – GTK. 

Mention the advantages of using PHP

There are several reasons why PHP is used. Here are the main ones:

Open Source

PHP is an open-source programming language. It means that PHP code is entirely free and can be modified or edited without much hassle. 

It is different from most other programming languages. PHP also has a dedicated team of developers that are available to answer any technical questions that you may have. 


In addition to being open-source, PHP is also highly malleable and versatile. It can be used with a wide variety of web browsers and operating systems. PHP has made the development of cross-platform applications much more accessible. 

PHP can not only be used on major operating systems such as Windows, macOS, and Linux. It is compatible with operating systems such as UNIX and Solaris. 

Good for Web Development

PHP programming is especially suitable for web development. It can be used by directly embedding it into HTML.

What is the difference between compile-time exception and run time exception? 

Any exception that takes place while compiling is named as the checked exception. Such an exception cannot be ignored. 

For example, in Java, if you are trying to read data and you use the Filereader class, but the specified file does not exist in the constructor class, then you will be faced with a FileNotFound exception. 

This exception needs careful handling. 

Otherwise, any exception that takes place during runtime is called an unchecked exception.

Difference Between Compile Time Exception and Run time Exception 

If a check exception is not handled correctly, then it may become an unchecked exception that may happen at the time of executing the application. 

What are Traits?

Traits are a tool that allows you to create reusable code. It is in languages such as PHP, in which multiple inheritances are not supported. You need to remember that a Trait is unable to be instantiated independently. 

A developer needs to know the most useful features of the programming language that they are developing in. The trait is one of the most powerful features in PHP.

What is the difference between the include() and require() functions? 

Both these functions require a specific file. However, they require() function exits with a fatal error in cases in which the specified file is not fount. 

It is different from the include() function because even if the specified file cannot be found, the statement can still pass, and the code can jump into execution.

How to Get the IP Address of the Client using PHP?

It is a useful question because it has a variety of ways to answer. One of the quickest ways to arrive at the solution is to use $_SERVER[“REMOTE_ADDR”]. 

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Final Thoughts 

You should prepare a list of questions before starting an interview with a PHP developer. These questions let you gauge the depth of understanding of the subject-matter of the candidate. You can use these questions with a combination of others for the best results. 

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