8 Timeless Tech Tips, Products, and How-To’s

Do you sometimes feel awash in a sea of technology, as if the entire industry is rushing forward at such a pace that it’s nearly impossible to keep up? You’re not alone, because most people who don’t work in IT find it difficult to stay ahead of the tech curve.

Products, jargon, apps, and breakthroughs just keep on coming, with no end in sight. Fortunately, there’s a good way to do a reset on your personal knowledge by reviewing a few of the latest tips, hacks, and new gadgets.

The other great thing about taking a review break is that it gives you a chance to add a few skills to your toolbox, refresh your brain on some old standards, and see what’s new and interesting in the retail marketplace.

8 Timeless Tech Tips Products and How Tos

Here’s a brief roundup from the most recent how-to, tip, and product file.

Set Up a Remote Desktop

Have you ever dealt with the frustration of needing an important file from your home computer’s desktop while out running errands, and all you have is your phone? There’s a simple solution. Download one of the free apps that offer remote desktop access. Some of the best ones are free. A reminder is that it’s necessary to download whatever remote access app you choose onto both your phone and desktop computer.

That way, the two devices can communicate with each other and you’ll never be technologically stranded while out and about. The remote access app lets you grab any file from the desktop and view or use it as you wish.

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Purchase a Vaporizer

Vaporizers have been around a while, but they’re being updated and upgraded constantly. If you’re keen to purchase the best of the best of the current generation, the Volcano Vaporizer is the most advanced on the market these days. Not only does the unit offer exceedingly high quality and ease of use, but it’s by far the most efficient desktop version of advanced vaporizers available from retailers.

These high-tech personal products offer users the chance to vape safely and naturally while enjoying all the bells and whistles of modern technology, like power, great taste, a wide range of accessories, and the ability to enjoy extracts and your favorite dry herbs.

Useful Shortcuts

Remember when keyboard shortcuts were all the rage? That was more than two decades ago, in the early years of the digital age. However, some great things never fade, and three of those shortcuts are still popular in the 2020s. What are they and what do they do? First, try holding down the left arrow and ALT at the same time to move back one step in your browser.

Need an alternate word from a quick online thesaurus in Word? Simply hold down F7 and the SHIFT key simultaneously. Finally, whenever you feel the need to select all content on a page you’re viewing, the magic key pair is A and CTRL, pressed at the same time.

Leverage the Power of a Scroll Wheel

The scroll wheel is the forgotten workhorse of the digital age. It does a lot, but one of its unsung talents is opening links in fresh tabs. Say you’re reading an article about the history of agriculture and see a link that looks promising. There are several ways to view the page connected to that individual link but using the scroll wheel is the fastest of all.

How does it work? When you place your cursor on the desired link, just press down on the wheel until you feel it click. Then, the link will open in a brand-new tab immediately, so you can make a quick decision about whether it’s worth saving or not.

Foldable Smartphones

The promise of folding smartphones has been tantalizingly close for several years, but it’s never come to fruition. Now, or within a few months anyway, the devices will arrive on the retail market at last. There were a few past attempts that died fast deaths due to massive price tags and horrible technical problems.

The new versions are waterproof and come with a special, tiny screen on the reverse side that lets you check notices and the current time, day, and date, just like old flip phones did. The display is 120hz and the fresh offerings come with ample RAM, so this might be the breakthrough foldable that makes the grade.

Quick Search Hack

The fast search capability is turning out to be the feature people most desire in a web browser. In fact, most of the browsers in use today already have a quick search tool. Unfortunately, few people use it or know about it. Suppose you’re reading a blog about wildflowers and see a word you don’t understand, like sepals.

All you have to do is highlight the particular word or phrase, right-click on it, and choose the search option from the dropdown menu. It opens the page in a fresh tab, but note that the function is not included in MS Edge browsers yet.

Scroll the Smart Way

There are dozens of ways to scroll through a page you’re reading, but the easiest one is to use the space bar. The technique is amazingly simple but seldom used, especially for scrolling up. To move down the page, just hit the space bar.

Each successive tap moves you farther down the page. To move up, hold down the shift key while depressing the space bar. This tip can be a great way to take back social media and once you try this method, you’ll be hooked for life.

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Enhance Searches with Quotation Marks

An old but nearly forgotten search technique involves quotation marks. An example is if you’re doing research on electric cars and enter the term in your favorite search engine, you’ll get thousands of results, many of which won’t be of any value.

That’s because, unless you use quote marks around the term, the engine returns all pages that use include either word, namely electric or cars. Instead, for refined results, enter electric cars, with quotation marks. Then, the search engines will only return pages that feature those words in that specific order.

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