A Handful of Conversations: 4 Top Emojis With A Hand To Show More Meaning

There are times when the conversation is a little dull, and the only thing that can turn that around is showing a bit more affection with the person you are speaking with. Adding hands to an emoticon gives more meaning to them since it would offer more action and lead to an exciting reaction.

Below are a few of the emojis you can use that have a hand added to them to give a little more affection and meaning to your sentence, and this will help in getting relevant positive reactions from the person you are speaking with.

A Handful of Conversations 4 Top Emojis With A Hand To Show More Meaning

These will help turn the conversation around if you know how to use them properly.

Thinking Face Emoji

The thinking face or the hmm emoji is a yellow-faced emoji with its thumb and index finger on its chin and has thick eyebrows looking upwards.

This emoji was made to look like the person reading the sentence is thinking deeply or is reflecting on the word that has just been said by the sender.

Suppose you feel scornful with the person you are speaking with and wanted to interrogate or question them for what they said.

In that case, the thinking face emoji is the best emoticon for you to use so that it would not be awkward for them to read, and it would be easier for you to express your scornfulness.

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Shushing Face Emoji

This is an emoji with pouty and slightly opened lips and an index finger placed between them. As if you are announcing the person you are speaking with to shush or keep their mouths shut and keep quiet. The shushing face emoji can be most useful when you are in a library, and they need to be gentle.

But that is not the only way to use this emoticon. This emoji can be considered helpful when you have a secret that you need to tell your friends, and you are forcing them to keep that a secret and if you want to make sure that they do not tell other people.

Face With Hand Over Mouth

This yellow-faced emoji has its hand covering its mouth as if it is shocked or surprised. You can use this emoticon whenever there is a piece of big news that has been shared with you. It may be that you have been promoted or if your best friend recently had a baby and you have been chosen as a godmother or godfather.

But that is not the only way to use this emoticon. Many people also use the face with hand over mouth emoji when they are shy or embarrassed about something. This emoticon is the best example if you are jokingly saying Oops!

Hugging Face

This yellow smiling emoticon face with both hands open as if it is hugging you. People use the hugging beginning whenever they want to show that they love or care about the person they are speaking with or express a positive and warm feeling towards one another.

The hugging face emoji can also be used to express your excitement, eagerness, and sense of accomplishment or flourish. This emoticon has been deemed and is commonly used to represent jazz hands due to its hand gestures.

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There are many more ways to use these kinds of emoticons to express your true feelings towards the one you are speaking with.

But these four emojis are the best ones you can use to show more meaning and make sure that everyone feels your positive vibes.

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