6 Best Free Beat Making Apps

Who doesn’t love music? it’s a joy of life. Every one of us has our taste in music. And we love to compose and create music. Whether you are a professional learner or just doing it as a hobby, creating those rhythmic beats is always fun.

Best Free Beat Making Apps

If you produce electronic music of any genre, there are a lot of free beat making apps that can come in handy while creating your music. There are hundreds of apps that can produce different types of music. It’s always better to know the best music apps out there and decide which app suits your purpose.

With the right app, you can even compose your music tracks. So for those of you who are looking for a way to work with your music talents, here are some of the best free beat making online software apps.

1. Groovepad 

Groovepad by Easybrain is one of the most used and easy to work with free beat making software app that is out there. It lets you make beats on the go. Groovepad also teaches you to create your songs, mix sounds, and compose tracks.

It provides different music genres to experiment with your music skills. Some of the popular genres include Hip-Hop, EDM, House, Dubstep, Drum & Bass, Electronic, and more. Just tap the pads and make beats and create your music. It includes an extensive library of soundtracks to start with.

It also has amazing Fx effects like filter, flanger, reverb, and delay. With this simple yet functional app, you could be the DJ at the party and share your tacks with friends. With Groovepad, you can keep moving and grooving!    

2. Drum Pad Machine  

Another Easybrain App is the Drum Pad Machine. Drum Pad Machine is the simplest free beat making app out there. It lets you create beats and make music like a professional DJ just by tapping the pads. With Drum Pad Machine, you can make music on your device like a beatmaker, compose tracks, create mixtapes, record sounds, and share them with the world.

Each pad color in the launchpad creates particular music and similar colors create similar beats.  It includes sound packs that can be downloaded which are developed by professional musicians. It also includes various styles of music and beats. With this app, you can make superb beats and create music in a matter of minutes.

Whether you are a professional or an amateur, with Drum Pad Machine you could rock the party. It is also a very entertaining drum game that could accompany you on a long trip.

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3. Music Maker JAM

Music Maker Jam by Loudly GmbH is a cool music-making app that gives you the feel of a professional music mixer. It’s the app’s interface and design that gives it a professional look. Though it looks professional, you don’t need to be a  pro music maker to use Music Maker Jam.

The app provides detailed Tutorials on how to use different tools, which is very helpful. It includes thousands of studio-quality audio loops and beat samples. Some of the features of Music Maker Jam include

  • Remixing audio loops from the in-app store
  • Provides virtual currency to buy more loops
  • Apply different Fx & harmony features to the beats
  • Recording and sharing tracks with the global community
  • You can add vocals to your tracks on top of studio-quality beats

Music Maker Jam also has a music community in which you can connect with friends, artists, and producers. However, Music Maker Jam doesn’t have an option to make your loops and create mixtapes.                

4. BandLab

BandLab by BandLab is another professional music maker app that lets you create your music from scratch. It is easy to use this multi-track editor. It makes editing and remixing easier. Bandlab has access to more than hundreds of vocals, Guitar and Bass preset. Some of the BandLab features are

  • Loop packs – lots of loop packs to work and also lets you create your mixtape
  • 100+ Virtual MIDI Instruments includes different music instruments all within one app
  • Explore, BandLab is a source to the collection of music by different artists
  • Creator Connect – get to know artists around the world and people who share your musical taste and inspiration
  • Built-in Equaliser – which makes your track sound like it came from a production studio
  • Essential audio tools, Finding your rhythm is easier with BandLab
  • Unlimited cloud storage- Record to your heart’s content and upload it to the cloud

BandLab’s social networking features let you connect with collaborators and fellow musicians, Guitarists, Beatmakers, and rappers. You just need to create a profile. What’s more interesting is BandLab is Free. No subscriptions, paywalls, or limits to your experience, which makes BandLab the best free beat making software app.

5. Remixlive

Remixlive by Mixvibes is another interesting beat making software app. It has won the Google Play’s “Most Innovative Apps” award. Remixlive provides complete control over everything in real-time, lets you control the tempo, play in sync with any Ableton, 6 live-controllable FX.

It also lets you capture external sounds through the mic. Remixlive provides !50+ packs which are created by pro sound designers. It also includes artist packs from Carl Cox, RHINO, and many more.

It is key features include step sequencer, finger drum, 6 live-controllable FX + 6 beat repeat pads, import songs from your library, advanced sample editing, and capture sounds through the device’s mic. The downside is that Remixlive is not free, it requires purchases to use sound packs.

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6. Walk Band  

Walk Band by Revontulet Soft Inc is one of the classic music maker apps out there. It is a pocket music studio. Music Band has all the classic instruments and provides recording tunes. It also includes Multitrack Synthesiser which provides MIDI track and voice track recording and editing, piano roll mode editing, and MIDI to MP3 conversion.

The created MIDI music recordings can be uploaded and shared online. Walk Band also provides tutorials for creating music. It also has preloaded songs that can be downloaded and mixed with the tunes. Audio track from the device can also be used to create awesome mixes.  

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