Selling Your Smartphone For Some Cash? Here Are 4 Steps To Get You Started

People sell their handsets because they tend to easily get tired of their phones, some want to upgrade to the latest released iPhone or Android so they can fit in with their friends who have those luxury phones or some just want to have extra cash in their pocket for necessities they might need more than a phone.

Selling Your Smartphone For Some Cash

In selling smartphone devices, there are things that you need to remember, here are four easy steps to guide you:

1.  Think of the buyer’s convenience and your security

Make sure to delete confidential documents or photos you would not want others to see. Nobody wants your dirty laundry. It would also be better to do a full reset or factory reset to erase all the applications on your phone that have your emails, passwords, and phone numbers. You wouldn’t want your buyer to be your stalker and you would be compromising yourself when you sell your phone without even logging out of the device.

It would also be better if you get your phone unlocked, some buyers would prefer to have unlocked phones because they are given the privilege to jump ship whenever they like and not be tied to one carrier till they get enough from the phone.

Unlocked phones are usually sold at higher costs than the locked ones because they are convenient for people who change from one carrier to another or for people who love to travel and use their phones locally in the place that they are visiting.

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2.  Make sure that your phone is functioning and still usable

In our current world today, everything could be sold online and when you sell something online, you need to provide details about the item you are selling. So if you are planning to sell your phone, make sure that there are no defects and list all the flaws it might have, like scratches or cracks on the screen, defective cable charger, or unlocked cloud issues.

State all the flaws your buyer might encounter, be honest to tell. You might encounter the same buyer who purchased your old phone which you lied about and he might call you out for it. This would also affect your credibility especially when you are planning to sell phones, whether old or brand new in the future.

You should also mention the phone’s best features. Some buyers would know what they want for a phone while some others would be uncertain and indecisive. Stating its best features or good features might entice the latter to buy the phone that you are selling.

It is also important to state why you are selling the phone. Buyers would be curious as to why you are selling your phone. They would have questions like: Is it because it is not functioning? Is it because the phone’s performance is already at its lowest? Or is it because the seller genuinely just needs money?

Your answer to this would also have an effect on the buyer’s decision if he should buy the phone.

3. State the specifications and set a reasonable price

Some people would often get lazy to search the model and brand of the phone you are selling and would prefer that you explain and educate them on the phone. This is also going to be to your advantage because you would be able to tell them how the phone performs.

Like for example, you can tell them about how the phone is great for photography because it has high-end camera lenses installed or how fast it functions even with multiple apps launched all together because it has been equipped with an unbelievably fast processor chip.

The specifications of the phone should match its price, and of course, if the phone is old then do not give a price the same as prices for new phones. You can try to see what your phone is worth here and assess if you can offer it for a good amount of money for its present value.

It would be inefficient to place a large amount of money on a phone which is already obsolete and beaten up or a phone which is slightly used but does not have high-end specifications or features.

4.   Choose carefully where you sell

Choose carefully where you sell

Look for a website that is known for selling phones and who has great reviews because it would easily be spotted by buyers who trust the website and have already made countless purchases from it. This would make the phone you are selling sold in no time.

Searching for a website like e-Commerce platforms would not be that difficult because the internet is just one click away from your reach or better else, creating your own website for selling is also okay if you are looking into having it as a business, but if it is just a one-time thing, then just list it on an online marketplace.

You can also list your phone for sale on multiple websites, but of course, remember to take down the other listing when you have already sold your phone. Also, when listing your phone on the website, make sure to specify the brand and the model in the title.

If you have plans on selling your phone, sell it as soon as possible because new phone models are released every year and it could make the price of your phone go down. One more thing, if you buy a new phone and you have plans to sell it again anytime a new model comes out in the market, make the effort to buy a case for it to avoid scratches and a screen protector to prevent the screen from breaking and to keep the phone in its pristine condition.

Also, take good care of its accessories, you can keep the bag and the box of the phone because it would show that you take good care of your things. You must also take good care of the cables included in the phone package and any other accessories the phone has.

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If you do this with every phone that you own, selling will it for a reasonable price can be justifiable and your buyer will be delighted to have paid for something that looks good and works well.

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