Best 2020 Auto Repair Softwares

If you run an auto repair business, you may be wondering how you could be more efficient. One of the best ways to do so is by upgrading your software.

In particular, you could select a POS system for small business that is designed to work best with automotive services.

This could help you get more organized and significantly improve your business metrics reporting.

Best 2020 Auto Repair Software

ShopController POS

If you want to set your business up for success, consider investing in the ShopController POS system.

This is a point of sale solution that can help you with a wide variety of features for handling everything from running an automotive services business to fleet management.

Some of the tools include easy return on investment reports, CarFax tools, accounting, inventory management, and custom reporting. These features can help you to more easily oversee and manage your business.

One of the most important characteristics to find in a POS system is that it can integrate with your workflows. For most auto services businesses, ShopController integrates perfectly.

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Clover Hardware

Although the interface for shop management is provided by ShopController, the POS terminal is something you may have seen in other businesses: Clover.

This popular system features a fast, easy-to-use touchscreen that will help you to accept payments from your customers.

It is highly customizable and so simple that you can train new team members in a matter of minutes rather than hours.

Additionally, it offers a variety of payment types. You can take chip and swipe cards as well as contactless payment. Plus, there are tools for offering gift cards and special, loyalty program perks.

You can even easily set up a cash discount program to encourage your customers to pay with cash rather than a card (saving you money).

Scheduling Appointments

One of the other popular features of ShopController is the ability to schedule appointments. In an auto repair shop, keeping your schedule full is the key to staying profitable.

However, you always want to make sure you have the time to turnaround your customers’ vehicles quickly.

Fortunately, this is easy to do if you take advantage of the built-in features with ShopController. You can make appointments quickly and edit them as necessary.

Plus, you can manage schedules for multiple technicians, bays, and specialty equipment.

As you can likely already guess, this can empower your business to be more organized and timelier. There is never any risk of not having the right person or tools for a specific job.

Workflow Improvement

Another way to ensure your profitability is to manage your workflows. You can monitor them using ShopController to ensure that everything is running smoothly at your business.

This will help you to avoid needing to waste time catching up with your shop workflows because your whole team will operate in unison.

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Learn More

Discover more about this POS automotive solution. It could be the key to running your auto repair business more smoothly. Plus, it can be used with no monthly fees if you choose the right payment processor and plan.

Learn more today and see if ShopController and Clover are right for your business needs.

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