Top 15 Free Registry Cleaners For Microsoft Windows PC

A personal computer (PC) is a compact, low-cost electronic device specially designed for personal use. It is a computer built around a microprocessor used for multiple-purposes. In today’s day and age, it has become an essential commodity. It finds its uses in a variety of fields ranging from medical fields to banking fields.

Top 15 Free Registry Cleaners For Microsoft Windows PC

The most popular operating system is the Windows Operating System (OS). Microsoft Windows has a stronghold over the market with over 90% market share. Apple’s Mac OS has been lagging behind failing to put up a tough fight. 

Microsoft also launched Windows smartphones that failed to click due to solid competition from the Android OS. Microsoft Windows has a friendly user-interface. Microsoft also provides frequent updates to patch up any glitches or malware. End-to-end support is guaranteed.

The current running version of the Windows OS is Windows 10. Despite all the external support, a PC still requires maintenance.

The internet is a hub of viruses and malware. It is used by millions worldwide every day for various purposes. Thousands of files are downloaded from this virtual heaven every minute. An infected file downloaded from the internet is the gateway to a virus.

There is a good chance of malware entering a system by misleading the user of its intent. This type of virus is known as the Trojan virus. What makes it deadly is that it can be present anywhere in the digital world using the art of deception.

Apart from this, it is important to keep a check on the vitals of the computer. All in all, like any other electronic device, even a PC requires maintenance both externally and internally. It is easy to maintain a PC once an individual gets a knack of the process. The best method of keeping a PC healthy is by using some best registry cleaner.

What is a Registry Cleaner?

Registry cleaners are a class of third-party software designed for the Windows OS. The purpose of this software is to cleanse the PC internally. This is done by removing old unwanted files like shortcuts from the Windows registry that put a dead load on the system.

It is a known fact that the Windows system potentially slows down with time. To maintain the efficiency and quickness of the system, a registry cleaner can be used. Manually going through each registry entry can be stressful, a registry cleaner can get this job done in minutes.

Additionally, a reputed registry cleaner can also detect malware in the system. As soon as any type of malware is detected, the user is alerted. It also removes the remnants of any old threats present in the system.

Once a registry cleaner is used, a performance boost can be noticed. Along with this, the number of glitches in the system is also reduced largely. Crashes and errors reduce by a large margin.

It also helps to protect one’s privacy by removing any personal information that has been stored without the user’s knowledge. Choosing a good quality registry cleaner can be difficult. So, below is the list of 15 reputed registry cleaners that are available for free of cost.

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The top 15 free registry cleaners for Microsoft Windows PC are:

1) CCleaner

CCleaner is a well-established name in the field of registry cleaners. It is one of the longest-established cleaners having launched in the year 2004.

It is available in 58 languages with support for both Windows and macOS currently. Apart from this, it also has a premium version that contains more features. 

2) Restoro

It is an all-in-one package with a bunch load of features. It can help the user by removing any malware threats present in the system. It also replaces damaged Windows files.

It improves performance by clearing trash. Hence, the system becomes buttery smooth improving the overall experience. It also has a pro/premium version that is paid.

3) JetClean

It has a clean user-interface that automatically backs up the registry. Apart from this, cleanings can be scheduled according to the user’s convenience.

The system can be scanned easily with just one-click. It supports plenty of Windows versions making it a good choice.

4) Advanced SystemCare Free

This is the perfect choice for newbies. The user interface is straightforward containing only the essentials. The one-click scanning is a blessing. The scanning is done in a flash regardless of the number of errors found in the system.

The end-result does not have to be viewed as the cleaning is done through an automated process. There is also a professional version of this computer application.

5) ACleaner

One of the leading registry cleaners, ACleaner is a worthy competitor. Apart from being freeware, it has a bunch of advantages to its name. The user is given to choose between scanning the whole registry or only a part of it.

It displays all the errors found in the system which is useful information. Further, it also creates a backup automatically to avoid mishaps.

6) JetClean

Jet clean is one of the best registry cleaners available on today’s date. The file size of the application itself is small. It is extremely fast and contains several options to filter searches.

Apart from this, the backup it creates on the system is extremely easy to access.

7) RegClean

RegClean repairs clean and optimizes the Windows registry making the processing faster. It fixes invalid registry entries from old files that no longer exist in the system. It also has a premium version that has more features.

8) Iolo System Mechanic

The most widely used cleaner tool for Windows PC is the Iolo system mechanic. It contains advanced tuning options to optimize the speed of a PC.

The stability also increases after the hard drive clutter is removed using this application. It is one of the best registry cleaners available in today’s digital market.

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9) Auslogics cleaner

The scanning takes place quickly giving the results in a flash. It is a basic registry scan and cleanup application that gets the work done. It is safe to use. Another great point is, it gives the user full control of the procedure.

10) Wise Registry Cleaner

With a simply user-interface, the wise registry cleaner does not fail to impress. It backs up all the registry before cleaning to avoid the accidental loss of data files.

It has three levels of registry scans ranging from a mild clean-up to a deep clean-up. It also has a feature that allows the user to schedule a clean-up saving both time and effort.

11) RegistryRepair

The user interface is straightforward containing only the basic options. There is no cluster in the interface. It creates a backup automatically before deleting registry files.

The application is updated frequently. The application updates itself automatically which is another great feature to have.

12) RegSeeker

Containing all the essential features, RegSeeker is a delight to use. It backs-up all the registry before cleaning. It also has a restore option in case an important file gets deleted.

It also provides a quick reference guide to help the newbies out.

13) Baidu PC Faster

This registry cleaner provides an option of deep clean that is not usually found in free versions. It also contains other useful options.

It automatically backs-up all the registry files before deleting them. Even though this is an option found in numerous cleaners, it goes a long way.

14) ToolWizCare

It contains numerous options alongside a clean and punchy interface. The scanning is quick and it skips on the unnecessary procedure. It also has an option to restore files which is a delight.

15) SlimCleaner

Like many other cleaners, it has a backup feature that can prove to be extremely useful at times. It can schedule weekly or monthly scans saving a valuable amount of time.

It can be used from a portable device. It also has a friendly interface that contains various tools.


Registry cleaners are a necessity in personal computers. There is a truckload of options to choose from. Along with optimization and tuning up, registry cleaners also provide security by detecting malware.

It is important to have a trustworthy registry cleaner that cleanses the system from time-to-time. The above-mentioned cleaners are the best in class. One will not regret choosing one of the above-mentioned registry cleaners.

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