How to Make a GIF using EZGIF (Video to GIF Converter)

Gen-Z has made the world of social media interesting. From images, videos, emoticons, and GIFs, there has been quite a transformation.

How to Make a GIF using EZGIF Video to GIF Converter

Using the ezgif maker, one can create GIFs in no time using a video clip. It also has other features like the ezgif resize and ezgif crop. An ezgif maker is a useful tool for those looking to add some amusement in their bland, boring texts.

Using ezgif, GIFs can be edited using the ezgif resize and ezgif crop tools. Apart from this, the ezgif gif maker can also perform conversions for various image formats.

The ezgif gif maker can also reverse, optimize, and split animated GIFs. Ezgif is a software built for the new digital world. The ezgif maker is a quick and fun tool to use.

It is a known fact that human beings are emotional creatures. It can be easy to express emotions while in person. It can be a challenging task while carrying an online activity like texting.

For this reason, emoticons have been created. Emoticons help humans express their emotions in the form of digital facial expressions.

A step-up to this cause is the Graphics Interchange Format (GIF). Used widely on social media platforms like Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram, it is the new hot deal.

Converting a video into a GIF can be quite something. To understand the method of conversion, it is recommended to get an overview of GIFs first.

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What is a GIF?

The Graphic Interchange Format (GIF) is a bitmap image format used widely in the current age. It offers a wide range of support and portability across different platforms and operating systems.

GIF files are often compressed whilst maintaining visual quality. Compressing the file makes sharing of the file easier.

The time required to upload the file on a social media platform reduced drastically. The storing of the file is also not a matter of concern due to this fact. It is used widely on the World Wide Web.

GIFs are suitable for art with a limited number of colors. The best example of such art is logo designs. The edges are well defined with accurate colors in such short video clips.

The working behind a GIF is extremely complex. Learning the art of video to GIF creation can be deemed useful. Ezgif makes this conversion possible.

What is ezgif?

Ezgif allows a user to instantly create an animated GIF online by making use of video files as frames. Various file formats are accepted such as the Mp4, Avi, WebM, Flv, and WMV formats.

The obtained result is of high quality and free of watermarks. This tool is ideal for the technology-driven generation that wishes to add spice to their texts.

How to create a GIF using ezgif?

As we know, a video file is required to create a GIF on ezgif. Various video file formats are accepted by this software. There are options for MP4 to GIF, FLV to GIF, WebM to GIF, and many other format converters.

The conversion is automatic requiring no command prompt.

The effort required from the user is minimal fetching maximum results. The big question is, how does one create a GIF using a video file? The process is simple.

It is swift taking only a few minutes to complete. Here is the complete step-by-step on how to create a GIF using ezgif.

The first step is to import the files that have to be used as frames. To do this, press the “Choose File” option above to choose the file that has to be imported. It is important to know the destination of the video file.

The source video can also be uploaded through a URL,

Once the video is uploaded, various other options pop out. The user can select the part of the video to be cut, entering the start and end time.

If nothing is selected, the converter will make a GIF using the first 5 seconds of the clip.

These options alter the overall look of the GIF. The order, size, and content are decided by the user itself. Once the GIF is created, ezgif also provides a bunch of editing tools.

Using these tools, the GIF can be edited. There is an option to crop, resize, and optimize the GIF. The dimensions of the GIF can also be altered.

The upload file size is up to 100MB allowing the user to upload huge files. It is advised to opt for a higher frame rate for a smooth experience.

Higher the frame rate, smoother, and more cinematic the animation. Increasing the frame rate also increases the file size.

The ezgif maker also offers an image to GIF converter that is impressive too. Multiple images can be selected to create a GIF. Frame rate, size, and the quality of the GIF can be altered.

The best part, any file format of any size can be imported. The GIF created combines the file formats and sizes. The conversion is automatic similar to the video file formats.

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The conversion of various different formats to a particular format has become quite easy. Third-party tools provide all the basic tools required to carry out such procedures. Ezgif is a highly recommended video to gif conversion tool.

The user-interface is great. The variety of options, editing tools provided is mind baffling. The best part is, once the GIF is created, it can directly be shared on social media platforms using the share option.

It is safe to use and is not bloated with advertisements.

A recurring short video surely sounds fun. With such great features on the table, it is hard to resist. The ezgif maker is definitely one of the best GIF makers.

GIFs itself are a boon in the digital world. They provide a break whenever required introducing an array of different genres of recurring video clips.

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