How To Convert PDF Files To Excel?

A lot of people think converting PDF files to other file formats is difficult. However, it’s not. Just like converting video files to audio ones, all you need is a converter tool to convert your PDF files successfully.

How To Convert PDF Files To Excel

Most people think that the most complex PDF conversion is converting it to an Excel file. However, it’s not that complicated.

You only need a PDF converter that has all the tools and features that you can use. One of the best converters you can get online is PDFbear, and this article will explain why.

How can I convert PDF files to Excel?

As mentioned, converting PDF files to Excel is not as complicated as you think it is. If you have the right tools for conversion, it will be more comfortable.

PDFbear is one of the most convenient and most effortless conversion tools that you can get. For converting pdf to excel, here are some steps on how to do it.

First, choose the file that you wish to convert. You can get it from your computer or cloud storage. Once you already have the data, upload it to the website. PDFbear will read your file immediately.

Next, the PDF file will be converted automatically. All you need to do is wait for the PDF file to finish converting into Excel. In just minutes, your PDF file will turn into Excel spreadsheets.

Once the Excel file is ready, you may opt to download it on your computer or store it back in your cloud storage, such as Google Drive, One Box, or Dropbox. After the conversion, your converted file will remain in the site for an hour before it gets deleted.

PDFbear’s other features

There are tons of reasons why PDFbear is the PDF tool that you need. It has a wide variety of tools that you can use to edit, view, merge, and convert files to your preferred file format. Besides Excel, PDFbear also supports PDF file conversions to Word, Powerpoint, TXT, JPG, and more.

Quick and easy conversion

Unlike other converter tools and software online, PDFbear is easy and fast to use regardless of how lengthy or dense your file is. The conversion process time will depend on your data’s size, but PDFbear ensures to give you the most efficient conversion time.

100% secured and safe

One of PDFbear’s values is that they give respect to their user’s uploaded files. When you upload a file on their website for conversion, the converted file will be removed from the site’s cloud within an hour. The file content can only be accessed by you and to anyone you sent it to.

Upload PDF from cloud storage

Aside from uploading a file from a computer, PDFbear also supports file uploads from cloud storage. It supports uploads from Mac, Linux, and Windows. You can also access the website and convert it via your mobile devices and tablets. Quickly visit the website, upload your files, and convert.

Convert from PDF to Excel accurately

PDFbear has a sturdy conversion system that ensures your PDF file’s content will remain on the converted version, regardless of the format. The system will help users extract data from the PDF file and save it to Excel with less hassle. All data in the PDF file will fall correctly once transferred to the Excel sheet.

Partnership with Solid Documents

Solid Documents is an online software that offers the best PDF file to Excel conversions. PDFbear has partnered with Solid Documents to ensure the quality of the translation. It also makes the website safe and secure to use, provided it is protected by 128-bit SSL encryption.


If you are looking for a PDF file converter that can effortlessly turn files to Excel sheets, then PDFbear is the right choice. This platform is one of the safest and most secure platforms for PDF conversion that will help you with all your PDF needs. It’s easy, handy, and user-friendly!

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