How to Add Text to GIF?

In this article, I am going to tell you how you can add text to GIF. There are a lot of programs and applications through which you can add text to GIF. But first, let us know a little about GIF.

How to Add Text to GIF

What is GIF?

GIF is an abbreviation of Graphics Interchange Format. This configuration is a bitmap picture group that was created by a group at an online specialist co-op CompuServe which was driven by American PC researcher Steve Wilhite on June 15, 1987.

The GIF images are compressed to reduce the file size without degrading the visual quality by using the Lempel-Ziv-Welch (LZW) lossless data compression technique.

Since then GIF images have been a huge hit. You can find the GIF images on almost every social media platform such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, etc. People use GIF images to communicate with each other.

There are animated GIFs as well which are super cute and funny. Most of the time, people use GIFs to express their emotions and what they want to say instead to text.

But now you can also add text to your GIF text which makes it more effective and fun. Now let’s learn how to add text to GIF.

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How to add text to GIF?

There are different applications and programs form where you can add text to GIF images. You can do that in a 10 step process.

1. Search GIPHY

The first step you need to do is go to and search for a GIF using a keyword or a phrase. You can choose GIF images from TV shows, a movie character, or a general verb or noun.

You can choose any GIF of your choosing in which you want to add text to it. Each of the GIF images is tagged with few words or phrases that describe what the animation is from. Once you have selected GIF images, then we can go to the next step.

2. Save the image

After you have found the perfect GIF image, you have to right-click on the image and select the ‘Save image as’ option from it.

After selecting it, a screen will pop up where you can name your file and save the image on your Desktops, downloads, or some other folders. So that you will not lose the original copy of the GIF image.

3. Open GIF with Photoshop software

In the next step, you have to open your saved GIF file with Photoshop. Photoshop can be software on your device or you can install the Photoshop application on your computer system.

But if you don’t have Photoshop software on your computer then you can add text to GIF using the GIMP which is a downloadable program for manipulating images.

4. Timeline

After you have opened your GIF image in Photoshop, you will see a set of layers on the right side of the panel, but the image won’t be animated. So, in order for you to access the animation, you need to click on the ‘Window’ option in which you have to choose ‘Timeline’.

In the ‘Timeline’ option you can see the sequence of images in a linear animation form. Then you can view the animation by clicking on any frame in the given timeline and hitting the space bar.

5. Top layer selected in the right-side panel

This is an important step if you want the text to be applied to the GIF throughout the entire animation. In this case, the top layer of it is ‘Layer 8’.

But if you have selected a different layer then the text will only show on the layer which you have selected and on the layers below it.

For example, if you selected ‘Layer 5’ instead of ‘Layer 8’ then the text will be shown on layers 1 through 5 of the animation.

6. Add text to GIF

Now, this is the step for which you have been waiting for. Now you have to select the ‘Text’ tool in the left side of the toolbar and drag a box over the image. Write the text which you want to showcase on the GIF image.

For example, Congratulations, thank you, Class, of 2020, etc. to show the exciting emotion which is shown in the GIF animation.

You can then change the font, size of the text, color, weight, and alignment of your text. You can find these changes in the top text bar.

If you complete this step correctly then your text will appear at the top of the layer panel. But if you are not able to see the text then you didn’t select the top layer in the previous step as mentioned.

You can also test your GIF with the text to see if it’s working. For that, you have to navigate down to your timeline, click on a frame, and then hit the space bar to watch the GIF image in action.

7. Save

Once you have completed all the above-mentioned steps, the next step for you is to save the image. You need to save the image in a .gif format.

For that, you have to click on the ‘File’ option. In the ‘File’ option, you will find ‘Save for web’ which you have to click. If you select the typical ‘File’ option then you will find the ‘Save As’ setting. Selecting that your Gif will be saved as an immovable image and will not be able to animate properly.

8. Double-check settings

Once you have clicked on the ‘Save for web’ option from the ‘File’, you will be directed to the screen below. There you can make some changes to the image if you would like. Otherwise, you just have to simply click on the ‘Save’ option.

9. Name the file and save it

After clicking on the ‘Save’ option, you will be directed to a screen where you have to name your file and select the folder where you want this file to be stored.

After you have named the file and the location of the file in the device, click on the ‘Save’ button.

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10. Use your new GIF anywhere

Now your GIF is completely ready for you. you can use this GIF image on social media or messages.

So, these were the steps through which you can add text to GIF. Hope this article was helpful for you and you got what you were looking for. Thank you for reading!!!

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