6 Best Sports Betting Apps

Sports betting has become a widespread notion for sports fans and enthusiasts, especially since its access is open online through legalized operators. Practically, globalization and technological advancement have redefined the way of betting and helped to break the limitations of offline betting.

Sports Betting Apps

In 1992, the United States banned online betting sports; however, after 2018, more than ten different states of the United States of America like New Jersey, New York, Montana, West Virginia, Indiana, and others have successfully been legalized by law.

Thus, with the online betting applications, you can bet in NJ with 888sports or any other similar application.

Since then, the ever-growing popularity of online betting to the wagering community has been spreading out thanks to mobile phones, which allows convenient access all the time.

This is also the reason why there are a plethora of online ventures who have developed some excellent online betting applications. Some of them are already doing wonders and have become famous among the ardent community of betters.

Most Popular Sports Betting Apps

There are plenty of online web developers who have created online betting applications; however, among them, only a few are popular and achieved a large number of footfalls of online users.

Below, we have mentioned some of the most popular online betting applications in the United States.

1. 888 Sports

When you go in for aught and welcomed by a cramming percentage of bunce at the commencement, you get dumbfounded for obvious reasons. However, that same feeling you will get on this website because it will give you an alluring 250$ bonus thereupon of joining.

The Gibraltar based company is one of the most lionized online websites of this prevailing era. It was developed and founded in 2008 and widely used among US and UK based speculators.

This is mainly operated by Caesars Interactive Entertainment and completely authorized by the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement.

This application has all the necessary tutorials and related blogs on their website or app to guide any level of a user.

Alongside the tutorials and a vast range of betting options, the developers also have created a flawless and blazing-fast interface.  

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2. FanDuel

Relatively new, but one of the most popular online betting application is FanDuelSportsBook. Originally this application was launched in 2018 in the USA, more specifically in New Jersey; however, this application now provides an opportunity to the entire online community from Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Indiana.

In terms of interface, this application is one of the best because of its simplicity of representation alongside a comprehensive guideline of using this web platform. Together with all the prevalent sports in the USA like, baseball, basketball, rugby, so on.

As per user reviews, this online betting website also provides you with a seamless experience of gaming without any hassle of logging in. Perhaps, this is because of the tireless adherence of the entire backend development team of FanDuel.

This application is also committed to security and vulnerability prevention.

3. Bet365

One of the most trustworthy online betting websites is Bet365. This application achieved massive and rapid popularity among the community of sports fans, because of the versatility of this application, along with a lucid representation.

On the top, you have sports option alongside In-play and Casino options, however, on the second header, the game has provided you a very useful live streaming option and various other requisite options which could help and guide you while playing.

Bet365 also has provided sports betting news podcasts on the top right corner of the interface and this feature is really a remarkable add-on service for any ardent wager.

Likewise, other prevalent applications it offers all the wagers great compatibility with any platform or device running both on iOS and Android. Although, the bonus offer it provides to the users is not that attractive, unlike other contemporary applications.

4. SugarHouse

This application is also New Jersey-based and one of the most used apps in the USA. Unlike the previous one, this application is quite friendly in terms of its bonus and rewards section and also very reliable.

This application has also been successfully established by a reputable firm and provides good support to its users. The app is compatible with any kind of mobile interface and also available in iOS and Android versions.

Though it was released in 2018, this has managed to satisfy its users successfully in all aspects. Therefore it is not surprising that it has become one of the most popular among all the top-notch betting applications.       


UFABET is a Thailand based online betting and casino site where you can signup and place bets on various games and win real money which you can withdraw to your bank account.

6. Hard Rock

We are all familiar with the famous name Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Atlantic City. However, they also have an online presence, which got a huge following in New Jersey.

This application wagers an exciting bonus at the time of registration and also at various other betting stages. The interface is very flexible and easy to operate.

The developers have delivered a comfortable experience while also offering a vast range of sports betting options.

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On the left panel, you will get to see ‘Tournament’ along with ‘Free Contests’ however, to participate in any of the contests, you will have to register and login first. Forbye, betting there are a vast number of other wagering opportunities on the website.

Nevertheless, we can expect that the upcoming decade will bring some more exciting changes in the law, and more states will step into this entertaining business in no time.

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