Citefast Alternatives

Quotes formatting can be very tough to master. To know and learn where to put the commas, quotation marks, and italics in the right place needs plenty of time and patience. After writing your A+ paper, you might not have any energy left to do any other task. The text will become a big and blurred gray area. Then to fix these quotes isn’t what you would like to do. Using citefast citation tools is very important. Here we will look at the top free citefast alternatives.

Citefast Alternatives

1. BibMe

It is one most functional free bibliography & citation tools online. All features that eLearning developer requires are out there. No matter whether you’re making use of APA, MLA, Turabian, and Chicago, BibMe will help you reference the work efficiently. You can check the paper for any unintentional plagiarism with a click and make use of grammar suggestions for improving the writing style or get the higher grades.

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2. Citavi

Citavi is a multi-purpose free bibliography & citation tool online that eLearning content developers will use for the knowledge organization requirements. It is the reference manager and task management network. Right from importing the sources, referencing rightly and exporting it, to managing the content as well as allocating tasks in the team, the free bibliography & citation tool online does a lot more than just help you to create the works-cited page.

3. Citation Machine

It is definitely simple to use free bibliography & citation tools online. Citation Machine will help the eLearning developer’s reference in four major styles, called MLA, APA, Chicago & Turabian. But, it provides an immense library of over 7.000 citation styles for different fields.

4. Docear

The open-source academic management & free citation and bibliography tool online with plenty of interesting features, which will help the eLearning content developers to reference the eLearning materials. It offers simple to use layout, which allows the users to organize the documents or categorize annotations. This enables the viewing of different annotations in all documents.

5. Zotero

Browser plugin as well as good free bibliography & citation tool online that helps the eLearning developers to gather, manage as well as share the research sources. Just by embedding the plugin, you can store the digital sources of any type in the library by one click.

6. EasyBib

Free bibliography & citation tools online constitute the functional way for the people who want to reference different kinds of content, both print and digital. EasyBib offers a well-rounded service for your citation requirements.  The content sources will range from traditional types like books or journal articles all way to live performances or newsletters.

Even though Easybib offers automatically formatted citations, also you have the option of manually citing the references and add annotations. You may make the free citations in the MLA style. The advantage of the citation generator is it fills in details than any other tool (that includes the year of publishing and Publication Company).

7. Paperpile

Paperpile is one Chrome Extension for the Chicago Style Citation used for fast research online. To get the reference, just search for a book that you want on Amazon. On the upper right side, you will see a button that can automatically cite the resource. Or, you will manually input citation details.

8. NoodleTools

NoodleTools – Software for the Academic writing that includes Citation Tools. And NoodleTools provides the most helpful software for academic writing like note-taking & citation tools. The citation maker is totally applicable for MLA, APA, and Chicago.

9. Citation Machine

This tool helps the professional and students researchers to the credit information that they use. The main goal is making this simple for the student researchers to cite the information sources.


Cite is a similar website to Citefast and allows the consumers to work on cite websites however on the top it allows them to work citing sites painlessly.


The citation maker online doesn’t just help you to prevent plagiarism in writing but also allows you to show credibility to readers. It means when you are doing research, you aren’t just gathering ideas from various resources, however, you are finding information to support the hypothesis. It’s through authors’ opinions you affirm your views or points to the audience, and demonstrating your knowledge about the subject of the paper.

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