How to Counter Nasus?

Nasus is an impressive and jackal-headed Ascended from ancient Shurima, the heroic figure known as a demigod by desert people. Violently intelligent, he was the guardian of peerless strategist and knowledge whose wisdom guided Shurima empire to greatness for several centuries. After a fall of the empire, he went into self-imposed exile and becoming more than the legend. Now Shurima city has risen one more time, and he has come back, highly determined to ensure that it does not fall again. Here in this article, we will look at ways how to counter Nasus in the right way.

Counter Nasus

As stated earlier, Nasus is the tanky character from Shurima however because of the huge amount of the damage that he will output, some call him Bruiser. He loves to Split-Push, because of his poor team fight potential. So, what makes Nasus very scary is the ability to Stack a huge number of damage by farming Minions. Such ability to get huge damage, and paired with a high deal of Tankiness, will make each opponent fear from him.

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Although this combination of Tankiness and damage appears quite overwhelming or unbeatable at first sight, Nasus counters have serious drawbacks that you will take benefit of. Nasus lacks on Mobility and is prone to be Kited, and making the ranged Top-Laners the best choice against Nasus. He’s pretty vulnerable to the Ganks, particularly in Early Game.

Longer this game progresses, stronger Nasus gets and making him the unbeatable opponent in Late Game in one v one for many Champions. You must never try and enter one v one with Nasus is a Late Game. With this being said, let us take a look at how you will counter Nasus.

Counter Nasus Tips when you are playing against Nasus:

Weak Champion in Early Game

Nasus is the weak Champion in its early game and he needs to farm as well as stack Siphoning Strike before being viable. You can use such time that he’s still weak to pressure, harass, and engage him, and ask jungler to gank a bit early to get benefit on him fast. More farm you deny him, longer he can stay weak.

Using their habits to defeat him

Most of the Nasus players have the same habits, such as greeding for Cannon Minion and Split-Pushing and trying to one v five all time. You can punish Nasus to walk very far to get the Cannon Minion and get kills with your team whenever he Split-Pushes or more.

Never push a Lane

Nasus will farm easily under turret (because of his Q), and giving him Stacks very easily, whereas being in the safe place from which he can follow up on gank on you. So, keep Minion Wave in the middle of Lane or close to your Tower. These are some of the top ways for Nasus counters that you will need to learn in the long run.

Top Nasa Counter Champions to choose


Everybody knows him, everybody hates him. And Teemo is one good answer for playing against Nasus; you’ve got lots of Movement Speed from your W, and you have the good Utility & damage through Q & R, but very important you are the Ranged Champion. Just try to poke him if possible, and pressure him a bit away from Minions, and also deny him many Siphoning Strike and Minions stacks if possible.

Keep in mind, you must do all these counter Nasus tricks in your early game You have to get lead on Teemo at your early game against the Nasus, as later when you do not stand any chance against him. Teemo is the solid answer to fight against Nasus.

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Another excellent pick to choose against Nasus counters. He’s oppressive Early and Mid-game Champion, which will make Nasus’ game pain to play. And Darius brings the best Tank-Shred Kit that you force Nasus easily to kneel to. Not like Teemo, Darius is not the ranged Champion but still can apply plenty of pressure. You can punish Nasus for each step that he takes, each Minion he tries and gets.


Like  Teemo, even Gnar is ranged Champion as well as brings amazing Kit to play it against the Nasus counter. You can slow Nasus with Q, and get plenty of Movement Speed by your W passive. When combined it with Dash on E, makes you slippery as an eel. You may kill Nasus without him getting CLOSE to you. For a Bonus, W deals percent Damage and making you best Tank-Shredder.

Summoners one can use against Nasus

Flash: Still one highly important Summoner Spell for every Champion; will function as the Gap Closer or a way to safety. It has many different uses and must always be your Summoner Spell.

Teleport: You have to get an important item, however, you do not want to lose many Minions just by going to the base? You would like to help out the Team, when far away? Suppose your answer to the questions is yes, Teleport is a right Summoner Spell to select. Always very useful and, just like Flash, has many different uses.

Ignite: Suppose you’re confident you may kill Nasus with Champion, you must go for Ignite. This gives you the strong early benefit and giving you’re the combo extra damage that may lead to the kill. As a Bonus, Ignite applies the Grievous Wounds that decrease Nasus’ Passive heal.

Abilities of Nasus

The passive grants of Nasus’ give him Lifesteal, and natural sustain with a time of the whole game. It is tough to poke down Nasus, as he can heal plenty of his HP by farming Minions. In order, to counter Nasus his sustain, you have to pick the Champion, or you can buy Item that gives “Grievous Wounds” on an enemy.

Suppose Grievous Wounds can be applied on enemy, each Heal from source will be reduced by around 40% to 60%. For example, Champion that applies the Grievous Wounds will be Kled. Items “Executioner’s Calling” & “Bramble Vest” will apply the Grievous Wounds and will be worth buy against Nasus.

Q Ability or Siphoning Strike

Nasus’ main spell is Q and his next basic and strong attack will be empowered, and resets his AutoAttack, or deals additional damage to the enemy. So, what makes such ability very special is extra damage will scale infinitely. When Nasus farms enemy with such ability he gets 3 to 12 stacks, which depends on a kind of enemy that he killed with Q (three for the small Minions or Monsters, and 12 for the Cannon Minions, Big and Epic Monsters or Champions).

One stack will equal one point extra damage on Q ability, it means more he can farm with such ability, more damage that it deals. You cannot stop him from making use of this ability but can predict their Movement. When he tries to farm the Minion you may poke him or you can pressure him away, thus keep your eye out how low health of the minions are.

W Ability

Nasus casts Wither on you, and slowing down your Movement Speed and reducing the Attack Speed for five seconds. It’s the point & clickability, on medium Range, with medium Cooldown. So, wither is the reason Nasus is highly dangerous to fight it out against; he will cast this at medium Range, and without you having the chance to avoid it at all.

It is tough to fight back if Nasus gets Wither ability over you, as it slows you down and reduces the Attack Speed. This slow makes to Kiting him hard as well as reduced Attack Speed that makes it really tough to damage and making you the simple prey. Fortunately, there are many ways you must counter the slow.

Most dashes do not get affected by the Movement Speed slows, and making Champions with the Dashes the best option Champions who will increase their Movement Speed and “cleanse” effect will counter the ability fairly simple. An active-effect of item “Quicksilver Sash” (that builds in “Mercurial Scimitar”) will cleanse Wither. Also, Rune “Phase Rush” at Sorcery Tree will come in very handy, as it boosts the Movement Speed as well as gives you the high Slow Resistance.

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E Ability

Nasus casts the magical circle for give seconds and dealing damage on an impact as well as damage with time (while standing in a circle). This circle decreases the current Armor and giving Nasus a benefit when fighting in a circle. Do not try and fight Nasus when you are in their Spirit Fire, damage with time and decreased Armor provides you a clear disadvantage in the fight.

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