Development of the Vaping Technologies Since it’s Invention

Human beings are quite creative creatures; they often try to simplify their lives by discovering new things. Aiming at simplifying and bettering the quality of life, a human has made many various inventions. Nowadays, we cannot imagine our lives without any of these inventions. If you look at the stuff in your house or at your workplace, you can only wonder how inventive a human is. The development of such essential things as a house, a chair, a wheel, a plate, and a fork, were a considerable advance at the proper time even though we do not see such things as significant.

Technologies Invention

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As humans lived life one day at a time, they tried to convert the things that surround them into more helpful, convenient, robust, and convenience-bringing ones. Everything a human dealt with has changed. If you find photos of ancient tools, it would not be easy for you to recognize its function without explanation. However, not only a tool for getting the job done was developed by early humans.

Being hedonistic by nature, we humans are also always thinking about the pleasures that we get from life. Endorphin, serotonin, adrenalin, and other hormones are of extra importance for a person. Therefore, humans have always intended to find their ways of enjoyment, relaxation, and self-praise. They have seen such things in everyday habits, in viewing the sunrise, kissing at sunset, at playing games and having long talks, in doing some stupid stuff, in drinking, and smoking, and the list could be continued for further forty pages or even more. For sure, in pre-historic times, nobody thought of weed vape pen (check over here), probably because it was enough to know which plant brings you relaxation, and which is to cure your headache.


Talking about vaping, the invention of it is not as old as the invention of the wheel, for sure. The first roots of electronic cigarettes, which were the first step in developing the modern, powerful industry of vaping, go back to 1927. That is the year of the application for a patent for an electronic cigarette.

Joseph Robinson is the first developer of e-cig tried to propose a device, which could be used for medical purposes. Although the patent was approved in 1930, manufacturing never started.

It was only in 1963 that the other inventor from the USA, Herbert A. Gilbert presented his invention. That was a non-tobacco cigarette, which contained heated, flavored, moist air instead of burning paper and tobacco. Seeing today’s variety of e-cigs from pod vape to dry herb vaporizer pen, we might get scared of the fact of such fast development of a range of products in the industry of vaping. Talking about Herbert A. Gilbert, he, for sure, contributed a lot to the development of e-cig and to further decrease the interest in electronic cigarettes.

In 1986, the Favour cigarette was first introduced to the public as an alternative nicotine-containing tobacco product. This and other vaping products, which are developing until today, follow the simple design that Herbert A. Gilbert has set forth. Only the newest generation of vape mods look rather as a décor element that a cigarette.

These are recent years when the manufacturers became concerned with the outer appearance of their products. They try to customize all kinds of vaping devices, including everything – pods, dry herb vape pen, and simple e-cigs in such a way that the user would feel the device as an integral part of his life.

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Vaping devices as we are used to seeing them now have appeared not so many years ago. Hon Lik, the Chinese pharmacist, managed to go further than his American colleagues did previously. He has his back on time and people’s progress at that time.

Hon Lik presented the modern design of electronic cigarettes in 2003 as the device aimed at defeating smoking. Intentionally, the device was produced for the domestic market.  However, it left the small ambitions of its inventor far behind its fame.

The next step in the development of the industry was done when Umer and Tariq Sheikh, businesspeople from the UK, invented the cartomizer in 2007. That leads off what we now call “heat-non-burn” product – modern vape pod and weed pen. The devices use a heating system for heating and aerosolizing the tobacco or other substances. Sometimes, various flavors are added.

As for 2019, four generations of vaping devices were introduced.

  • The first generation of traditional e-cigarette is manufactured based on the design and layout of an original cigarette that has not been altered after innovative manufacturing and has no new features.
  • The second generation was designed for people with some experience in vaping. The main change was not in the design but in functionality. Batteries obtained higher capacity, and most of them are refillable. The second generation is all about practical benefits for the users.
  • Attention to customer feedback brought us the third generation of vaping devices. This is considered to be the union of style and functionality. The most common name is mod for this generation of vapes. The majority is shaped in the form of a box and is recharged via USB. The typical materials vary from aluminum to brass and wood. The main novelty lies in the ability to set wattage, voltage, or both.
  • The fourth-generation can boast with sub-ohm tanks and temperature control devices. The volume of puff is increased in this way, but the expenditure of e-liquid also increases.


The simultaneous development of different technologies leads to their convergence. This means that your vape and your smartphone can interact. Many apps for vapers have been developed within several years. Most of them are rated as at least 12+ because that is an attempt to fight the negative tendency of teenage vaping.

Most of the apps (like The Vape Tool, Vape Boss, etc.) are aimed at controlling the vaping activity in terms of time, temperature, measuring ohms, juice mixing, and so on.

Besides, some of the apps are designed as social networks, where you can share your vaping experience or look through the FAQ for beginners. There are some comparables to Instagram, where you can share your photo or video with the vape and leave a short message (usually a review or personal feedback).

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The vaping industry is kicking into high gear; the number of vapers grows each day. The Wikipedia page devoted to vaping is longer than those dedicated to some presidents. It should challenge your mind about the perspectives in this field.

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