Some Tips Before Putting Up Your Home Garden

We have witnessed an increase in the number of people who started planting during the quarantine. Maybe because we have more time to spend at home. But, before putting up your garden at home, you have to plan and decide on what type of plants you will grow and the kind of garden that suits your personality.

Planting has been proven as a type of meditation because it reduces stress and even depression. Well, who does not feel relaxed sitting in your garden while drinking coffee?

Some put up a garden to showcase their plant collections, but some people make a garden so they can have a source of food at home.

With the continued increase in population, the demand for food rapidly increases. Home gardening somehow helps in sustaining our source of food.

Garden isn’t just about growing plants because you also need to put your time and effort into making one.

Some Tips Before Putting Up Your Home Garden

Purpose Of Gardening

Yes, it is crucial to know what your purpose is for making your garden at home. If your goal is to add another food source, then vegetable gardening is the best for you.

But, if your garden will serve just another extension or another spot in your house that your family can utilize, then you may opt to grow plants that do not bear fruits and vegetables. This is just one of the garden ideas you need to know.

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Setting a Budget

Making your garden will cost you, especially if you need to fill your garden with soil, but it depends on the garden design or plans you have in mind. You have to set a budget to avoid spending too much and stick to it.

Planting can be addicting to some, which results in spending more, especially those who want to collect a plant variety like Calathea, Bonsai, and Philodendron.

Besides that, you also have to invest in gardening tools, which are expensive, like wheelbarrows and transplanting spades. Some people would also invest in constructing a patio or gazebo in the garden.

They will set-up a coffee table and serve as an extension of their living room or area for their visitors.

Determining the Type Of Soil

You have to know the type of soil you have at home if it’s loam or clay. You also need to see the drainage system in your area and the soil’s Ph level.

If you already know the type of soil you have, it would be easy for you to see the kind of plants you will grow in your garden.

Nevertheless, some people have a specific plant they want to grow and opt to buy garden soil in local garden centers, which may add another expense.

Type of Plants You Want To Grow

You cannot call a garden without plants. Plants are the most important thing you need to consider in putting up a garden.

You have to know the type of plants you want to take care of, maybe fruit-bearing, vegetables, flowering, or non-flowering plants. Some people will also plant or buy a plant just for decoration that adds life.

If you choose a non-flowering plant, there are a lot of varieties to choose from. If you wanted a tropical vibe, you could have Calathea, Sensation, Ferns, Orchids, etc.

Nevertheless, these plants also need your utmost care because they are sensitive and have specific ways to grow them.

Flowering plants add color to your garden; aside from its bright colors, it is also beautiful to the eyes.

If you plan on having fruit-bearing trees, lemon is the most common. For vegetables, you need to set-up raised garden beds before planting them. There are many plants to choose from; you need to know how to grow them.

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A little research about the plants, the tools to use, and the soil type will help you grow one. Having a garden brings a positive feeling, especially during this pandemic, where people are at home most of the time.

We don’t need a green thumb to grow plants in our garden.

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