How To Make Changes To Your Environment To Encourage Creative Thinking?

Creativity has the power to break the shackles of traditional methods and stimulate the mind to search for divergent thinking. You cannot enforce creativity – it comes naturally or through practice when the mind is set free to explore on its own.

In today’s world of cut-throat competition, it’s creativity that gives the business the advantage over the competition and takes it from ordinary to extraordinary. The major credit of an iconic company goes to the creative design philosophy and the right environment created in the office to encourage creativity among its employees.

To achieve so much hidden in creativity, all we need is the right environment to tap it, nurture it, and use it to grow for our benefit. The higher management of the companies is always looking for an opportunity to create an appropriate environment to find innovation management solution to optimize the potential of its employee’s creative aptitude. 

Let’s explore to see how small changes in our environment can make a massive difference in creative thinking and boost creativity.

Creativity In A Messy Environment 

Research has shown that creativity flows freely in a messy environment. The unconventionally designed environment is suitable for the random stimulation of fresh ideas.

Modern art on the wall, a trendy sculpture thrown in a corner, or a weird art piece on the desk can work wonders for creative thinking. Try painting your doors and windows a bright color and bringing in unusually-designed furniture. Instead of a minimalist approach, introduce some fun knick-knacks to clutter to your workspace.

Modern Art

The messy environment stimulates creative juices and is the harbinger of fresh ideas. Especially when working with the young generation, remember to give them the freedom to work with mess around them.

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Breaking The Monotony

Change is the only constant! Though it is human nature to become comfortable in their preferred environment, sometimes a change in the environment helps in the process of creative thinking.

Change the seating arrangement, bring in some new plants, or replace the old picture with a new one. Alter the setting of the worktable or switch the place with a co-worker and observe the difference in the creative thinking you experience. You can even think about going to a coffee shop or for a walk in the park.

Indoor Plant Decorations

An impromptu office party can rejuvenate the environment and fill it with a positive vibe. A few hours of a change in the work environment will surely stimulate creative thinking.

Just The Right Light For Enlightenment

The best creative ideas come during the night or in a dimly lit room. Perhaps it’s the curiosity to explore the darkness which excites the creative thinking freely. You can light up the office with just the right amount of light to maximize people’s creativity – the dimmer, the better.

Right Light For Enlightenment

Swap the bright and white ceiling light with the soft yellow glow of the lamps. It will create the right environment for creative thinking.

Comfortable Seating In A Roomy Space

Regular office chairs confine the mind along with the body. Design a room in the office with lots of bright, colorful, and comfortable seating like the bean bags, recliners, and low settees and dedicate it to the employees for relaxation and creative thinking.

Bean Bag Seating Arrangement

Open spacious rooms and relaxed seats have a positive impact on the environment and activate innovative thinking and creative ideas.

Free-Flow Of Conversation

Create an environment where conversation can happen freely without any inhibition. Hold open-ended meetings where the people can freely express their ideas. Restrict the use of note-taking during brainstorming sessions and let everyone speak their mind.

The team leader can manage the ideas through the idea management software. People tend to think creatively and come up with creative ideas when there is no fear of being judged. Sometimes even a casually spoken word can start a meaningful conversation leading to innovative and original ideas.

Playing With The Team

Discussions among the team members encourage creative and innovative ideas. Create an environment where the team members can meet and freely have debates and discussions. Shuffle the team members at a regular interval.

Playing With The Team

However, keep the team small and manageable. Let the different views mingle with similar ideas. The charged-up environment created by the team of contrasting and comparable ideas will result in better creative thinking.

Artificial Stimulation

Ideas and inspiration can come from anywhere and everywhere. It could come from the music playing in the background, the pictures decorating the walls, the view from the window, chaos on the street, the amazing city skyline, the ringtone of the phone, or even the book and magazines lying on the table.

Fill the room with artificial stimulants; you can even pick one related to the work for which you are looking for inspiration. Create a fun environment, and you never know when the perfect idea will strike.

Break The Rules

Break the established rules and sometimes allow the people to stray away from the set patterns to bring out creative thinking. For divergent thinking and to look at the problems in a different way, break the established norms, and create a new normal different from the conventional way.

Creativity knows no boundaries. It’s okay to break the barriers of time, and instead of 9-5 job, it could be 5-9. Occasionally, it is fine to allow to work from home—what matters, in the end, is the result. 

Reward The Effort

Creative ideas come from considerable efforts put into achieving it—constant practice in channelizing your thoughts help to generate innovative thinking even without waiting for inspiration. With tighter deadlines, we cannot wander in search of inspirational moments for creative thinking. Reward the efforts of coming up with ideas to meet the deadline.

It’s human nature to get encouraged by rewards and appreciation for work. It will train the mind to think creatively even in an adverse situation.

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The right environment can act as a stimulant, which, when strategically executed, can have a positive impact on the brain. It can even trick it into thinking creatively. Given the right situation, the mind has the power to dramatically wander in search of inspiration, which improves creative thinking and innovative practices. 

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