Important Information for Those Looking to Start a Career in Human Resources

In today’s world, Human Resources is considered to be the forefront of an organization as it is where each new employee comes onboard. The first step is the interview, then the selection process, after which the training begins. Although Human Resources is not limited to this, it also includes many other responsibilities such as implementing the latest policies and procedures related to the employee of an organization in order to meet compliance standards.

There are many individuals who are eager to start their career in this field as the opportunities are immense. A recent study which was conducted by career analysts stated that the number of people applying for HR jobs will increase in the projected future.

Soft skills are a necessary job requirement for those looking to join the HR workforce of any organization. Most of the people who work in this field need to have a good understanding in order to help other employees. Good communication skills is another necessity, those who hold experience in this industry can go a long way in terms of career growth.

At the core of Human Resources, these HR employees are required to use their labor relations, program development, planning, networking, and strategizing new methods to help other employees in the organization overcome their problems.

What Education Do I Need to Apply for a Job in HR?

If you are someone who is looking to start their career in the field of HR, the first thing to know is that HR professionals come with a wide variety of diverse educational backgrounds. However, many of the organizations that have HR positions typically require the candidate to have a 4-year degree or a bachelor’s degree in personnel management, human resources, psychology, sociology, etc. 

Even if you are looking to pursue a degree in a specialized field, make sure that you include important subject matter relating to management, recruitment, management, compensation, etc. as these can indoctrinate you with key skills that are needed by HR personnel. However, in Human Resources, there are numerous business courses that you can choose from which will add value to your HR portfolio.

HR Discussion

Let’s say that you are an individual who is already employed in an entry-level HR position for a particular organization. By attending a part-time course or workshops which provide you with a certificate on completion, can help advance your HR career and even aid you in transitioning from one HR department in the organization to another upper level one. 

The number of HR positions are starting to grow exponentially as more and more companies expand their business operations. Once you have studied the proper skill set and search for the best jobs available, you will be able to join other HR professionals and increase your career prospects.

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What is the Culture Summit 2020?

There are a number of culture conferences which revolve around developing new ideas and implementing them in company culture to create a high performing workflow. The Culture Summit is similar to this but is more focused on the world of content and strategy.

The Culture Summit is a conference that spans across many industries and is cross-functional. People who attend this Summit are generally thought leaders, culture officers, HR professionals, program managers, culture champions, vice presidents, and many other high profile industry professionals. These experts come from around the world to attend Culture Summit 2020 which will be held in San Francisco between the 4th and 5th of November. These people will get together to share their insights on company culture and employee experiences.

Culture Summit

Most of the speakers who will be giving seminars are part of the well known Fortune 500 companies and many of them are also associated with organizations such as the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), authors of books and publications that have appeared on the New York Times best-selling list and from the world-renowned HR certification program called the Professionals in Human Resources (PHR). They will be conducting highly detailed sessions and provide the attendees with real field data, complete frameworks, and various strategies that have been tested before. If you are in the HR field, this conference can teach you new ways to improve your organizational culture.

Some of the big names that will be speaking at the Culture Summit this year include Shannon Ellis (Director of HR at Patagonia), Ellen Leanse (CPO at Lucidworks and author of the book, ‘The Happiness Hack’), Maren Kate (Founder of, Jully Kim (Director of Engineering Programs at Zendesk), Dave Landa (CEO of Kintone), Nadia Gathers (Program Manager for Global Communications at Slack), Claude Silver (First ever Chief Heart Officer of Vaynermedia), Michelle Kim (CEO of Awaken), Bruce Daisley (Vice President of Twitter and the Sunday Times #1 bestselling author of ‘The Joy of Work’) and many more.

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As we get closer to the date of the Culture summit, the list of speakers will increase. The ones mentioned above are just a few of the names that have already been confirmed to be present at this year’s summit. If you are considering whether to attend, keep in mind that the Culture Summit is known to have an immensely diversified speaker line up. If you are looking to get a fresh perspective or some new insight when it comes to culture, content, and strategy then look no further.

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